Cailin Blanchfield

Name:  Cailin Blanchfield
Player: Kevin
Race: Human
Class: Bard 3
Gender:  Female
Personality:  Cailin is the only child of Dominic, a farmer, and Yvon.  However, Cailin is not aware that she is not their biological child.  Dominic found her wandering alone in the forest covered in blood when she was about 18 months old.Cailin is a slender, athletic woman.  She has a fair complexion with fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes.  Cailin is a generally happy young lady and easy to get along with.  However, she has a knack for getting into places she is not supposed to be and enjoys discovering things she is not supposed to know.  Cailin and her parents are not aware that her biological father was a werewolf and killed her biololgical mother in a fit of rage when she discovered his ”secret”.  When Dominic found her, she was covered in her mother’s blood (see above).  Cailin normally dresses in thick, black breeches, warm, wool-lined boots, white shirt, and a green wool-lined cloak.  Prior to being drawn to the circle of stones she was one of the folk of the Monshae Isles and lived with her parents outside of Caer Callidyrr.

Cailin’s biological father is a devout worshipper of Malar and a werewolf.  He took Cailin’s biological mother as a wife as part of the churches plot to spy on the aristrocratic families of Caer Callidyrr.  Because of this Cailin has the Lycanthrope Bloodline, but she is not aware of this.