Karst Fireforge

Name:  Karst Fireforge
Player: Jordan
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Fighter 3
Gender:  Male
Personality:  Karst, son of Aylmar Fireforge, would never bow done to the evil forces that were slowly gaining in strength on Krynn. His father foresaw this rise to power through rumors and hearsay he picked up from the various Hill Dwarven traders that traded goods all over Krynn. Most disturbing of all were the rumors of the Derro Clan, wanting to perform a coup in Thorbardin to take power for themselves, seal off the mountain stronghold to all those that resisted, and eventually align themselves with these mysterious forces. Aylmar was very outspoken about this and the Derro clan murdered him for it. Karst sent word to his Uncle Flint about those responsible along with another rumor that the Derro clan wished the destruction of Hillhome, the largest of the Hill Dwarf settlements.

As Aylmar lay dying in Karst's arms, he spoke to Karst of passing down the family heirloom armor. It was a relic from the Dwarfgate wars that has been handed down from firstborn to firstborn. He told Karst to prove worthy of the armor and of the Fireforge name. When Flint arrived and heard all that had transpired, he and Karst traveled to Thorbardin to confront the murderous clan Derro. A battle ensued and with the aid of the Thorbardin guard, they cut the cancerous tumor from the Dwarven aristocracy. Karst, with blood stained hands, decided he needed to leave Hillhome to find meaning in his life, other than gems. He found his way to the Barony of Langtree and found himself under the Baron Ivor's employ in his Mercenary army. Through distinction, Karst served, soaking up much about tactics, manuvers, and skills that would help him smite his enemies. Master Sengei took a liking to him and took him in as a pupil to teach him to be an even more effective combatant than he already was. Master Sengei put him in flank company, a wide mix of various skill sets that can tackle just about any special assignment the Baron comes up with. Karst's purpose in this company was usually of the take and hold kind, he excelled at the holding part of those missions.

While a devoted follower of Reorx, like most dwarves, he also came to like Kiri-Jolith, the patron god of his new found army. Kiri-Jolith, like Reorx, proved to be a very honorable god. He would fight evil for as long as it took, there is a story about Kiri-Jolith fighting something called the wyrmfather and that the fight lasted for years, until finally Kiri-jolith wounded the Wrymfather and sealed him way under a mountain. It is also said that Huma slew the wyrmfather and from his body the dragonsilver dragonances were made by a smith with a silver arm. After seeing what happened in Thorbardin, trying to stay neutral to protect themselves against the coming darkness, and Karst was sure that the darkness was coming, he vowed that he would never roll over in the face of evil, that he would do everything in his disposal to help protect the weak, and kill anything that threatened those that couldn't protect themselves. He found this serving the baron in his army.

Flank company, or "B" company taught Karst how to fight with a polearm effectively in defense of his comrades. Karst decided to use a Dwarven warpike and a Dwarven Waraxe with a shield. With a warpike he could hold his attackers at bay, and if any managed to get close he could finish them off with his waraxe. He became adept at striking when his enemy least expected him too, often resulting in being tripped or wounded, sometimes both.

There are two things Karst loves more than training, precious gemstones, and his beloved nymph. He met her by chance. He was headed off to look for gemstones in the mountains near southern Ergoth and found himself without rations. He went hunting, and not being the best with a bow he scared his dinner away. In chasing it he stumbled upon a pool of water and said to hell with the deer, and decided to try his hand at fishing and after awhile fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke, he saw a pair of the most beautiful green eyes staring at him. She spoke to him and said "You have strange dreams." They talked for a while and he found himself coming back each day to talk some more with her. She told him, though he wasn't entirely sure if he belived her, that she had once met the savior of Krynn Solmanic Knight Huma. She told him of the age of dreams, and the cataclysm. She spoke of the gods and the elves and of man. She also spoke to him some about his dreams. Some of what she said made since, but some of the other stuff hadn't come to pass yet. That was what he was most curious about, and the more he pressed her for information about the future as she saw it, the more tight lipped she would become. She did mention to him about him being in a strange land and through his eyes see couldn't see the gods in the sky at night. Karst found this deeply troubling and asked and asked for a little bit more detail, but all she would say to him was "what's wrong with the stars". He never did get around to mining for his precious gems but after a few weeks had past he realized he needed to get back to Hillhome or folks would start to worry. As they said their good byes, she kissed him and it was like she kissed his very soul. That single kiss changed Karst forever. He found he was happier in all ways, happier with other people, happy with anything he did and even just a little bit better at it than before. He will never admit this to anyone, if someone sees him with a faraway look on his face and asks him what he is thinking about he will make up a story when in reality he is thinking about her.. Sometimes he feels like she is talking to him about the things she sees in other people's dreams, but he tells himself it's just his imagination.

His other love, precious gems, comes from his youth, he would go and search for rough gems to polish and cut. He never saw much sense in keeping flat hunks of steel around, even though he needed it to buy goods, besides gems have a certain quality that coin lacks. maybe it's the way the light dances inside a perfectly cut facet of a perfectly cut gem. He doesn't get to spend as much time hunting after gems since he joined up with the Mad Baron's army though, and to him, it's the only bad side of working for the Baron. He is always too busy, but the Baron pays handsomely, and if Karst where to have a wife and family and fall in battle, the baron will make sure they are taken care of for the rest of their days. He also carves out little toy figures for the children when he has down time, though not precious gems, he can carve crude toys for the children in town and those of the camp followers. He also has used this to great effect in earning the trust of some town they were hired to defend, or attack. He sees this as helping someone that can't do anything about whats going on in the world around them, and worrys that if they see so much violence at an early age, how will it affect them on down the road and hopes that by showing them a kindness that one day when they are older they will remember that simple act instead of all the violence.

Karst, among the dwarves is a reasonable good looking guy, he is better looking than most, muscular, with an impressive beard considering his young age of 50. He is a smart dwarf, though not the wisest, he hasn't seen much of the world, and that which he has, has been through the eyes of a rock hound, looking at the geology, or that of a soldier, weighing strategic value. He can sometimes be rather absent minded when faced with anything while he is focused elsewhere, but the elders say that this will lessen with age. The other races see his as being rather jolly for a dwarf, but also fear his temper when he is angered. He doesn't anger easily so the few that have seen him angry will not forget it. Like most dwarves he loves his ale, the magical ergothian hops make the best ale, which is always in scarce supply in dwarven communities. It's a toss- up between a good honey mead and a dark porter stout on which is his favorite drink, unlike most dwarves he doesn't prefer dwarven spirits to ale though. Karst loves a good Dwarven stout to drink with a nice hunk of mountain dwarf cheese to go along with it. The mountain dwarf cheese making is debatably the best on Krynn and makes a fine meal just the two, properly paired that is. As far as the army fare, B companies food is better that A company, but that isn't saying much. Meat and potatoes are nice but he would like some diversity in his military diet. Sometimes someone gets lucky and comes back with some form of game which they roast over the campfire at night, but this only happens when they are on a march.