Donovan Masterangelo

Name: Donovan Masterangelo
Race: Human / Vampire
Class: Wizard ? / Monk ?
Gender:  male
Personality:  He is the equivilent of a Baron for the nearby three towns of Caroline, Sebastion, and Rising Sun.  He is not royalty or titled in any way but he has lordship over these lands and he and his previous party are largely responsible for cleaning us the surrounding lands.  They routed several of the raiding bandits and monster tribes including a nasty troll nest in the nearby forest.  Donovan is not the typical Baron in that he is very active in the community and has always been at the front of any effort either civil or military.  Even though there is a militia and an effective General to the militia, Donovan is always visible with the voulentiers.  Donovan even take an active role in the three town's government and legal processes and while he does collect tribute and taxes they are never excessive or to the point where they are a hardship or a difficulty. 

This level of interaction has earned Donovan the fiercest loyalty from his people.  They serve willinly and they consider the service to be an honor.  Those citizens that have arcane, divine, or psionic aptitude are offered invitations for training in their craft under the castles supervision.  Nearly everyone in the three towns has at least the basic literacy skills and education is encouraged for those that have the apptitude.  This level of loyalty and devotion to the people has promoted a sense of community and trust among the people and those traits grow with each generation.


Donovan Masterangelo is the youngest of 5 children.  The family started in a small coastal town with just three fishing boats and within a generation they turned those three boats into a small fleet and within three generations that small fleet and fishing business employed nearly half of the town.  The family quickly became wealthy beyond imagination and made a point of sharing that wealth with the town they called home.  Nearly every building was either built, renovated, or partially assisted by Masteralgelo gold. The family business employed ship yards, salters, dedicated traiders, horseman, sail makers, and severl other support industries.

As the youngest of the children it was tradition for Donovan to enter the priesthood.  While the family was not overly religions they were not blind to the fact that the Gods were smiling gladdly down upon the whole family.  Donovan, however, had a head for adventure and a natural apptitude for the arcane arts.  Even before he had sat in his first class he was able to produce what the house wizard called cantrips.  Without much discussion and argument, Donovan's father agreed for forgo the clerical training in leu arcane training.

Donovan's instructors were barely able to keep up with his progress and he was able to pass the trials two years before his apprenticeship was complete.  He was admitted to the Waterdeep Academy of the Arcane as an early admission.  The night that the approval notice came through was a night for celebration.  The entire family and most of the town turned out in the main square for the celebration. 

As the party started to wind down a few hours before dawn, Donovan and is brothers made their way back up to the Masterangelo estate and the main manor house.  There was a strange carrage with red trim parked in front of the manor.  Walking up the main drive they didn't think anything about this strange carriage this late at name.  The front doors were open and the there was no activity from the foyer.  None of the lanterns had been lit and the foyer was dark except for the shaft of light streaming from their father's study.  As they stumbled into the house they heard the sound of raised voices coming from the left, from the direction of their fathers study.  This should alerted the brothers that something was wrong.  Only on rare occasions had they seen their father working after sun set and even fewer had they ever heard their father raise his voice.  Even at his most angry, their father maintained an even temper and calm tone.

Stumbling together and supporting each other my brother managed to pull us all down as he stumbled over something in the dark.  We all went to the floor laughing and nearly too intoxicated to realize anything was amis.  We didn't even notice that my father was no longer shouting.  We didn't even notice the two shadowy figures just to the sides of the study doors.  As I started to stand, the doors to the study opened and flooded the foyer with light.  My father was standing in the doorway with another tall figure that i had never see before.  I was now able to see the two men standing in the foyer on either side of the study door.  They were smiling and I was possitive they had been ther the whole time.  I pulled myself free of my brother and found my footing.  They had also gone silent but i was the only one getting to my feet.  I was not fully aware of the danger we were all in but I knew something was wrong.  I took a few steps closer to the study doors and caught a glimps of what had tripped up my brother.  There on the floor, between the open front door and the now open study door, outlined in the shaft of light from the study, were my mother and sister.  They were not moving and their bodies were lying at odd angles.  It took a few seconds to realise that their eyes were open and unblinking and their throats had been torn open.  I looked from the bodies of my mother and sister to my father.  The look on his face told me that he already knew they were dead.  That look told me that my father knew that we were all dead.

The man standing next to my father was rollin up several scrolls.  As he turned back into the study he gave a sidelong glance at the two men standing to either side of the study door.