003 Soldiers


The party enters this room through a set of large double doors that open out of this room.  They can feel the heat of her furnaces below and see the stem rising around the sides of the platforms and the central column.  They can hear the sounds of rythmic machinary and feel vibration in the wood under their feet.  Unlike the bridge in the previous chamber the wood and flooring in this chamber are designed to hold hundreds of pounds and easily take the parties weight.

"As you enter this cavern you feel the heat from below and smell the smoke and steam of forges.  The floor is sturdy planks and the platform is supported by large 5 feet beams anchored into the cavern walls.  There is a large natural stalagtite that runs through the center of the room and through a hole in the platform.  There are several large metal strands that run vertical along the stalagetite."

"There are dozens of large glass like containers that are roughly 5 feet in diameter and 10 feet tall.  The are cylindrical in shape and are filled to the top with a greenish glowing liquid.  Inside each cylinder is a humanoid figure roughly 6 feet tall.  These creatures resemble the soldiers that you have encountered before."

When the party entersi this chamber they whole room is lit with an eirie greenish glow.  There are torches buring on the central column but the glow from the tanks is enough to illuminate the entire area and each cylinder puts out about 10 feet of illumination.  If they look over the side of the platform they can see the red glow of furaces several floors below.  There is a distance between each platform of 30 feet.  There are two platform levels above this level and four levels below this level.  Each platform is supported underneath by a complex latice work of beams and supports.  The floor is a double layer and with a Knowledge Engineering, Dwarven craft, or Gnomish craft check of DC 15 the player estimates that this floor can support several thousand pounds as the beams reinforce each other.  Each platform is supported by several interlocking beams roughly five feet in diameter and these beams are braced on the center column and against the outer walls.  These beams are not connected with metal braces or nails or bolts of any kind.  Each beam is interlocked and reinforces the other ones.  This means that destroying one or two of the support beams will not impact the platforms integrity.  The players would need to destroy or remove nearly 60% of the supporing beams in order to bring a platform down.


Hardness 10 (non-sonic):  Hit Points 20
Hardness 0 (sonic):  Hit Points 20 (sonic x2 damage)

Each chamber is five feet in diameter and ten feet tall from base to top. The chambers themselves do not readiate magic but the liquid inside DOES radaite magic.  The fluid inside the chamber is alchemical in nature but has arcane qualities.  The chambers look like glass but ring like crystal.  Infact the chambers are actually grown from a seed crystal.  The party will encounter this process on the bottom level if they inspect the seedling chambers.  The crystal is extremely strong but can be shattered.  Each chamber is filled with a green glowing liquid that the soldier is breathing.  Shattering a crystal immediately awakens the creature inside and will attack the nearest non-soldier.  The crystal walls are anywhere between 6 to 8 inches thick depending the facet.  The chamber are resistance to magical and melee attacks but are weak to sonic attacks.  Any sonic attacks deal double damage and bypasses the hardness. 

Each chamber is self contained with a darker crystal base that is only illuminated by the liquid above.  There is no visible lid or way to access the liquid or creature inside.  Each chamber appears to be completely solid at every angle.


This is a workstation and practicle lapboratory similar to the secret room except that it is open and not protected by any traps or enchantments.  The notes and parchements from the Secret Laboratory (room R7) were unsigned and did not bear any names or identifying marks of any kind.  These notes are signed and dated for reference.

Crystal of Sending: 

This is a rose quartz crystal that is triangular in shape roughly 6 inches long with one side wider than the other two.  This item is on the desk next to several sheets of long parchment scrolls.  It is pulsing softly with a soft pink light.

If the party identifies this item they know it to be a crystal of sending and receiving.  The item work with a simple command word.  One word to record the message and send and a second work to receive any stored message.  This type of cryst3al only sends and receives written messages and only have the ability to produce the message once.  This means that previous messages are lost. 


56590.1830 Final test on bridge platforms and Kuo-toa training to operate
56598.2100 Culling of town successful and only two soldier lost.  Only three days time for Donovan.
56600.1200 Completed assessment of culling and all are acceptable
56601.1600 Scout party encountered female and acquired for Ghoul experiment.
56603.0400 Tested new Fortitude formula on the guard for the captives and it works perfectly.
56607.0830 Soldiers returned from scout and identified region as Richmulot.  Mapped 2 mile radius and signs of civilization.
56609.1230 Crystal chambers growing faster next to heat and vapor source.  Viable in 12 days
56610.1230 Inserted the green into the gauntlet and can not remove.  Gate function altered.
55612.0030 Successful test of portal exit near Baulders Gate and culling of test subjects
55614.0230 Female in Ghoul expermient lost consciousness
55616.1700 Failed test with soldier
55616.1700 Failed test with soldier
55618.0800 Successful test with Iron Body soldier and received images from Scry crystal.
56619.1400 Portal activated and counter measures worked perfectlly.  Doubled guard as precaution.


Under the crystay is a long leather folio with the edges of paper sticking out the side.  This folio contains a pocket on each side.  One side contains blank strips of parchment while the other side contains strips of parchment that have writing on them.  The notes that are written to the "Master" are in darker ink and the ones written to the apprentice are in lighter spotty ink.

NOTE 1 (56590.1830):

Master - We have completed the final test on the second bridge platform and both are now completely operational. The Kuo-Toa have been completely trained and are accepting on the terms of the agreement. They are all capible of raising and lowering the platforms.

NOTE 2 (56594.1740):

Apprentice - Excellent and ahead of schedule.  Send a group of soldiers to cull the next round of breading stock.  Take 30 to 40 even mix of gender and no collateral damage.

NOTE 3 (56598.2100):

Master - The culling was successful and we did not encounter much organized resistance.  Acquired 20 males and 23 females.  We only lost two soldiers and were not followed past the town limits.

NOTE 4 (56600.1200):

Master - I have evaluated all of the culled and they are viable.  Each subject survived the first round of formula with no side effects.  The last group of breeding females did not survive the full gestation.  The new formula prevented the bone spikes from emerging until after gestation so, combined with the new fortitude enhancement, the new group of breeders should be able to survive at least 3 - 4 gestations.

NOTE 5 (56601.1600):

Master - Second scout party was able to locate small group near Baulder's Gate and acquired viable female for Ghoul trial.

NOTE 6 (56601.2230):

Apprentice - Sent the new formula by curier with the Unicorn and then Pegesas elements.  Choose a stable soldier and test the single, double, and tripel dose.

NOTE 7 (56607.0830):

Master - Tested the formula for both and recorded results.  Assesed lethal dose and new combination.  Made another connection and sent scouting party to map within 2 miles of the gate.  Signs of life and civilization.  Confirmed from local that this country is called Richmulot.  Portal opens into a cavern that appear to be occupied but was empty during the scout.

NOTE 8 (56610.1230):

Master - Attached the green gem to the gauntlet and not able to remove.  Significant change in gate function.  Tried to open portal and all connections still successful.  Not able to discern any function change.

NOTE 9 (55614.0230):

Master - the female in the cold storage has lost consciousness but has not demonstrated any Ghoul qualities or shown any sign of change yet.

NOTE 10 (55615.1240):

Apprentice - received reports that the Vistani have been seen on the road to Barovia.  I am leaving for Barovia immidiately.  Return to the Palace and continue sending scouting parties and gather information on locations.  THE CITY IS YOUR PRIORITY.  Leave the female in the cage and you can return to check her progress once I return.  Leave a scry crystal in the cold storage to map her progress.

NOTE 11 (55616.1700):

Master - Two failed attemps to send soldiers.  I was not able to make a connection and scry crystals lost.

NOTE 12 (55616.2104):

Apprentice - Augment the soldier and send with as much protection as possible.  THE CITY IS YOUR ONLY PRIORITY. 

NOTE 13 (55618.0800):

Master - Used the last of the Iron Body potions on soldier and was finally able to make a connection to the city.  The mental connection was stable for a few seconds and the scry crystal returned images of a temple, sunlight, blue sky and possible ocean.  Have not attempted to send another soldier as I do not have any more Iron Body potions.

NOTE 14 (56619.1400):

Master - the octogon portal activated and the contingency was activated.  Sunlight sphere and materialization delay was successful.  Detected vampire and contingency functions perfectly.  I have sent reinforcements to the octogon room and they should arrive in three days.


On the far side of the platform is a large 10 foot square platform with a few levers and pullys that operate the mechanism.  The rig is supported by severla lines and cables and weights so it can support several thousand pounds.  The pully system is gravity driven so it will go up or down at same speed.

This portion of platform is very stable and the supporting structure for the elevator is used to reinforce a large spiral staircase.  The stairs are secure and the system does not wobble or move and can support several hundred pounds of weight before the stairs are compormised


This is the chamber off of the main level.  The doors open into this room and the same wooden handle.  The room is exactly 50 feet by 50 feet and 20 feet high. There are 20 molded stone beds with a female on each table.  They are unconscious and not able to be woken without a heal spell.  There is nothing magical in this room but a very thorough search of the females will show that each has been impregnated and there is movement inside each female.


The bottom of the cavern is rough stone and has six different forge stations that are making weapons and armor.  There is a water system and each work statsion has a water supply from a large cotructed waterway.  There are several other wooden platforms that are able to support a great deal of weight.

To one side of the foundry floor there are several crystal containert similar to the one above.  The main differenct with these continers is that the soldiers inside are much younger than anything the party has seen so far.  These soldiers are in the toddler stage of development.


One of the notes that the party read or discovered indicates that the gestation period is improved by being close to the heat of the forges.  The next stage of development that the party has see is from the early adolescent stage of development and that was on the top most level.


This is the chamber off of the main level.  The doors open into this room and the same wooden handle.  The room is exactly 50 feet by 50 feet and 20 feet high. There are 20 molded stone beds with a female on each table.  They are unconscious and not able to be woken without a heal spell.  There is nothing magical in this room but a very thorough search of the females will show that each has been impregnated and there is movement inside each female.