Items Template


Under the crystay is a long leather folio with the edges of paper sticking out the side.  This folio contains a pocket on each side.  One side contains blank strips of parchment while the other side contains strips of parchment that have writing on them.  The notes that are written to the "Master" are in darker ink and the ones written to the apprentice are in lighter spotty ink.

NOTE 1 (56590.1830):

Master - We have completed the final test on the second bridge platform and both are not completely operational. The Kuo-Toa have been completely trained and are accepting on the terms of the agreement. They are all capible of raising and lowering the platforms.

NOTE 2 (56594.1740):

Apprentice - Excellent and ahead of schedule.  Send a group of soldiers to cull the next round of breading stock.  Take 30 to 40 even mix of gender and no collateral damage.

NOTE 3 (56598.2100):

Master - The culling was successful and we did not encounter much organized resistance.  Acquired 20 males and 23 females.  We only lost two soldiers and were not followed past the town limits.

NOTE 4 (56600.1200):

Master - I have evaluated all of the culled and they are viable.  Each subject survived the first round of formula with no side effects.  The last group of breeding females did not survive the full gestation.  The new formula prevented the bone spikes from emerging until after gestation so, combined with the new fortitude enhancement, the new group of breeders should be able to survive at least 3 - 4 gestations.

NOTE 5 (56601.1600):

Master - Second scout party was able to locate small group near Baulder's Gate and acquired viable female for Ghoul trial.

NOTE 6 (56601.2230):

Apprentice - Sent the new formula by curier with the Unicorn and then Pegesas elements.  Choose a stable soldier and test the single, double, and tripel dose.

NOTE 7 (56607.0830):

Master - Tested the formula for both and recorded results.  Assesed lethal dose and new combination.  Made another connection and sent scouting party to map within 2 miles of the gate.  Signs of life and civilization.  Confirmed from local that this country is called Richmulot.  Portal opens into a cavern that appear to be occupied but was empty during the scout.

NOTE 8 (56610.1230):

Master - Attached the green gem to the gauntlet and not able to remove.  Significant change in gate function.  Tried to open portal and all connections still successful.  Not able to discern any function change.

NOTE 9 (55614.0230):

Master - the female in the cold storage has lost consciousness but has not demonstrated any Ghoul qualities or shown any sign of change yet.

NOTE 10 (55615.1240):

Apprentice - received reports that the Vistani have been seen on the road to Barovia.  I am leaving for Barovia immidiately.  Return to the Palace and continue sending scouting parties and gather information on locations.  THE CITY IS YOUR PRIORITY.  Leave the female in the cage and you can return to check her progress once I return.  Leave a scry crystal in the cold storage to map her progress.

NOTE 11 (55616.1700):

Master - Two failed attemps to send soldiers.  I was not able to make a connection and scry crystals lost.

NOTE 12 (55616.2104):

Apprentice - Augment the soldier and send with as much protection as possible.  THE CITY IS YOUR ONLY PRIORITY. 

NOTE 13 (55618.0800):

Master - Used the last of the Iron Body potions on soldier and was finally able to make a connection to the city.  The mental connection was stable for a few seconds and the scry crystal returned images of a temple, sunlight, blue sky and possible ocean.  Have not attempted to send another soldier as I do not have any more Iron Body potions.

NOTE 14 (56619.1400):

Master - the octogon portal activated and the contingency was activated.  Sunlight sphere and materialization delay was successful.  Detected vampire and contingency functions perfectly.  I have sent reinforcements to the octogon room and they should arrive in three days.