Game 00:  2/22/2014:


This is the party's first real day in the Village. They make a few connections with the main merchant, the cleric, and the owner of the Tavern.  They are able to make contact with the Vistani and they arrange a meeting for the following morning. Thankfully the walk to the Vistani camp is a light one as the party took a beating the night before. The trip to the camp goes well and they are able to acqire most of the items they are looking form. 

Game Notes:

This adventure begins just a few minutes after the last adventure ends. The party has fought several zombies virgos and other on dead that has learned some new tricks in the last few days. As the adventure begins there licking their wounds and trying to determine if they're going to be affected by the zombie right. They can hear the sounds of battle and they can see the effects of spells being cast at the far end of the street. They know that this is where another group of villagers are standing watch in the square with the Paladin known as Ashland. The party is attacked again at two separate occasions and there are introduced to a new creature some type of undead that with one touch can completely bury a human up to his neck. In the course of this fight and managed to kill most of the zombies however several of the villagers do not survive 1 villager that is decided to stand against the zombies is actually the father of a little girl named Ana who is watching from a nearby window. As the father is struck by the new undead creature and buried up to his neck the little girl screams and runs out into the combat. The party watches in horror as she races towards the first group of zombies. When she is within striking distance she manages to kill two of the zombies and knocks one of them 15 feet back. The girl manages to make it to her father and do some serious damage before the major Undead leave to attack the party. During the battle several of the party members are struck severely and two of them actually died. Grueling Dre Leo's are among the latter. Only as a result of a powerful magical item are they able to be resurrected immediately that's rejoining the battle. The party manages to finally defeat the Defiler and the rest of the zombies and vargis. There are only three of the townspeople remaining one of them is on his father. The ballot in Ashland runs past the remaining two and honest father and manages to heal most of their damage. This ability of hers allows you to take all their damage for a brief. Of time. Unfortunately she isn't able to be healed fully before the effect kills her. The party members managed to make it through the night with no other instance in the morning they have a planned meeting with the vistani. If managed to heal most severe damage from the night before and they learn a little bit more about the girl on her period they learn from her father that she's been having terrible nightmares that have been getting steadily worse over the last few weeks. The father at the irritation of the mother took the little girl to see the Vistani to see what they could do. Ever since that visit on his nightmares have stopped but a strange side effect has set in. The little girl has the strength in about 10 men, incredible agility, speed, and constitution. She heals almost inmediately and has intuitions that can't be explained. Both the mother and father are concerned that is the rest of the village find this out don't think that she's possessed or some type of evil. The girl also is immune to the effect of the zombie strike. Instead the following morning are you free this unit and people is there something to break out again tonight attack. The priest said to the party that use to getting specific instructions by ashland as to what is happened to her body if she falls. The party is over rules is can somebody on station first wishes. The clerk does not argue with the party miley dismiss is their concerns and does not push or fight them with regards to ashland final wishes. The party meets with a vast army as planned and even though one of them broke rule has not been raised at the office no discounts. They've managed to heal most of their wounds and because the trick to the study camp is a light one this does count as a rest for them. At the best County campus either they're already villagers there that has come before then. One of the Sun is rules is that new villager is allowed to stay overnight in the camp. They have a lavish trade a rich rich culture and almost anything of third level or below can be purchased. There are also some more expensive and exotic items on one interaction. The prices for the party or fair with only a slight market because they have been marked friend of the stony. Several of the party members have very specific items spell components specific metals that they're looking for all of these are required within a few hours at a modest fee. The first it have also agreed to let them meet with their leader a madam Eva. Normally this is not allowed but the party later learned that it's only because of their cleric that they are allowed to meet with her. Upon entering her Vardo or tent and caravan she immediately notice is Marek and begins to cheer up. She tells Marek several times that she is so sorry that they didn't help him the first time and is amazed at how young he looks. Through the conversations you lose several times to the fact that she has an older version of Merrick but will not give them details of this meeting. She does offer to cast her Tarot and answer one question per party member. For the question about the phone storage tell them to get in the place in the dad would want was holy but is now the files. For the devil's raj tell them that he is waiting once again sometime later. Regarding the little girl tell them that there is a balance to the darkness the girl in the mountains and I have awakened her early. Matinee to tell them that ashley paladin come to see her several times looking for a family looking for trace of the holy celebrating times. They got it is much because when they search the body found in notebook with several notation family history in tears in ashland have to research family history by using church records. Looking for some sort of the holy freaking tired. She just learned village animal league been here a few days. The game ends with the party still in my time and a stand they have 1 question to go and I am able extensions for them to leave. She has told several times that they do not interfere and will not open the strike against the dark lord. It is only because of the guild and not helping merrick the first time today have awakened the chosen 1 early. Madame eva tells the party that she has done more than air allowed and it is only again because of them guilt and not helping merrick the first time. Madame able also tells merrick that she is sorry but they didn't follow his request and put him in that place rather than following is ceremony of that.