Game 14:  7/19/2014:
The Battle's Done and the Kind-of Won...


The party has uncovered how the rings work and have located an extra dimensional study that should serve as a possible haven for the party.  They have also been reunited with Donovan, who has agreed to stay behind and clear our all the soldiers and resistance as well as help Karst recover his ancestrial armor.  The party just has to decide on the destination that they want to travel to.


Before the party leaves the Palace and the cavern there is one small bit of business that Donovan needed to take care of.  During the battle with the apprentice, only one of the party members struck Caroline.  Grouble did not listen to Donovan's cries of, "DON'T TOUCH HER!!!"  He actually managed to hit her a deal some serious damage before turning to the apprentice.  That was not a good idea.  Just as the party is acending the steps to the gate Donovan walks through the group until he is directly beside Grouble.  With a frightening grace and speed Donovan turn on grouble, pins him, and sinks his teeth into Grouble's neck.  The party is stunned and not able to react for a few seconds.  Grouble is powerless to resist.  After a few seconds, Donovan releases Grouble.  Merek the Cleric is able to tell that the damage is minimal and based on his experience, this vampire should have done more damage.  As the party is trying to recover from the shock, Donovan gets right in Grouble's face and says,

You're a dead man.  From this moment, you are alive only because I allow it.  Every day, every hour, every SECOND that you draw breath is a gift from me ... BECAUSE OF HER.  Only because of her.  She was the best part of me and while i carry a piece of her in my heart I allow you to live."

"There will come a day when even the memory of her will not be enough.  I have tasted your blood...tasted your soul and I can find you anywhere.  It doesn't matter where you hide of how far you run...I will find you.  On that day my generosity STOPS...and i will burn the last piece of my soul to make you suffer. 

"If you believe in a god then i would start praying now for a quick death in battle because when I come for you I will make sure that death is not an option.  May your first day in hell last a thousand years and let that day be the shortest"

"There will come

The wolf was able to be seen but was able to fail the

The party encounters the bodies of two women while they are traveling on the path to barovia. 

Grouble makes a FORT DC 15

19 burned