Game 09:  3/22/2014:
"Hide Checks Are For Pansies..."


The party discovers that they may not be as alone as they thought they were.  They discoverd several mutilated bodies and evidence that someone was creeping around the town while they slept.  Further down the northward path they discover an Obelisk and encounter another group of soldiers.  They make short work of the soldiers and learn that they the soldiers have received instrutions to employ counter measures to stop the party and capture.


Tthe party is back in town and they are looking to take time with the carpets.  The decide tha the general store is the best place for the combat with the rest of the party.  As they pull out one of the carpets to attack they take time and use rope checks (rolled 15 and 12).  They slelect a carpet at random.  Grouble is the one that is going to open the manacle.

The party actually choses true familar carpet whit this one.  The carpet retreats to the ceiling and tries to get away from the rest of the party.  The party is able to do some major damage to the carpet but not actually kill it.  This battle brings the carpet to nearly dead.  Cailin tries to reach out to the carpet at one point and the carpet retreats.  The carpet has choosen Caileen at the master for the familiar.

The party keeps attacking the carpet.  There is a mental screem fromt he carpet as they attack.  The caster are agle to hear the attack and they are eventually able to push out themental intrusion.

Jola was able to put one of the manacles on both Cailin and the carpet and put them both into stasis.  while in stasis they are both in complete ststus and are not able to be affected by any other external item.  Cailin is grey and not radiating anything.  They take a few minutes to discuss the situation.  They decide that they are going to take off the manacle then question Cailin before they attack the carpet.  The confusion is that did the carpet cause Cailieen to start to facinate Karst or did Cailieen start to facinate Karst to prevent them from attacking the carpet.

The party decides to move out of the town before night fall and they head out west to the river.  The day is uneventful until they happen to spot one of the scrying cyrstals inbedded into a tree.  They disdover several of the other crystals.  They make the determination that the main trail is being watched and so they take to the forest out of range of the 150 scry.  They manage to take a few of the crystals but they decide it was better to leave them intact and move unseen.

They time with their movememt to make sure that they arrive at the river by roughly the morning.  They travel off the normal road the are out of range of any scry crystals.  The route that they travel is not any slower but it is untraveled.  The trip puts the party at the river around noon.  When they arrive they hear the sounds of construction roughly 1/4 of a mile ahead.  They are actually mistaking the sounds from another camp nearby.  As they approach they can see several wagon sized carts floating in the river like a series of pontoon floats.  In addition tothe carts that are being used to make up the already inplace bridges there are three carts staning on th ground.  In the center of the camp there are three large pavilion style tents, each with a seven foot by seven foot table. 

The party stops about 1/4 of a mile from the camp and send Grouble to move silently and scout ahead.  He makes it to the can and within 50 feet of the clearing when he fails two of his move silently checks.  The soldiers closest to the tree line hear Grouble and move to investigate.  At first they treat the noice like an animal or non-threat and just casually spot the area.  As they move laterially to inform the other soldiers standing near the river, Grouble decides to activate his Ring of Fire Resistance and make a break for it.  He is shifted so his speed is much, much greater than the soldiers. 

Unknown to Grouble, Cailin has move up from the party's position and she is a few dozen feet behind Grouble.  She knows that he has been heard and she sees that he has been spotted.  While Grouble is failing his move silently checks and his hide checks, Cailin has cast Amplify on the group of Soldiers and Gnomes.  At this distance she can easily hear that the Gnomes are having a heated discussion with the Soldiers.  Obviously, these Soldiers have received the same orders as the other group and they were told to destroy the bridges as more soldiers are being moved down the river.  For the Gnomes, the work destroy means to dismantle the floating sections of the bridges and actually "destroy" the "bridge" abillity to cross the river thus allowing travel down river.  For the Soldiers, their intermretation is a little less felxible as they believe the work destroy means to actually bring the sections on land and physically cause damage to the section as to destroy them completely.  While they are both making a side for their case they are alerted to Grouble's prescence and they stop fighting immeditely.

Grouble activates his Ring of Protection Against Fire and tries to make a zig-zag course through the trees.  Cailien also heads back to the waiting party.  As they are retreating they hear a two lound horn blasts.  One that is directed south along the river and one that is directed north along the river.  To their dismay the hear an answering call from both north and south of the camp.  They estimate they have only a few minutes before reinforcements arrive.  The wolf makes eye contact with both Grouble and Cailin before racing off to the south at full speed.  She is out of sight of the party in just a few seconds.  The party moves into position and as they approch the camp they find that the Soldiers have prepaired for their attack.

Jola leads the charge with what would have been a devistating display of magic kick-ass-ary but just as his spell is about the ignite it fails as if affected by an antimagic field.  Remembering that he is still smelling like a lovely Camomille tea he gets the idea that the powder is affecting his abilities.  He breaks from the battle and heads for the river for a much needed bath. 

While Jola washes the powder off the rest of the party take their positions.  There is some iimpressive shooting from Cailin, creative spell work from Dralios, and the first kill goes to Merek.  Even Grouble manages to deal some serious damage from his ring and strikes.  Eventually Jola returns to the battle and the party makes short work of the remailing Soldiers.  They are eventually joined by the Wolf.  She is bloodied by party standards but takes a little healing and is ready for the next round.

The party have heard two more horns, one from farther south and one from farther north.  They believe that another wave of reinforcements is coming from the north and the south.  The party takes time to fortify their positions by tearing down the tents that the other soldiers were using and moving the heavy tables for cover.  They also take time to pull all of the drawings and plans for building the wagon bridge sections.  As they are healing themselves and fortifying their positions the wolf lets Grouble and Cailin know that she is heading south to intercept the coming second wave.  In her excitment to get going she fails to get healing for the damage that she has already taken.

By the time the second wave arrives the team is braced for attack and have manages to get a great deal of coverage.  The soldiers strke first with ranged bows and manage to do some damage but they are no match for the casters or Cailin's bow.  During the battle, Karst shows his skills as a close quarters fighter while Grouble manages to take down two soldiers by cold damage alone.  By this time the party have realized that the soldiers are not dealing lethal damage but are dealing subdual damage and trying to take the party alive.  As the two sides go hand-to-hand they hear the wailing howl of their wolf friend from down the river.

During the battle, the soldiers manage to render several of the party unconscious and just as thing start to go in the party's favor they are attacked from the south with what remains of the southern soldiers.  Some of them look pretty banged up and are easy targets but in the end they manage to knock out ever member of the party.  One thing to note is that this is the first time that the party have heard a soldier actually speak.  During the battle, severla of the soldiers grapple a few party members and order the fighting members to drop their weapons of they will kill the party members.   The party members do not heed the warning and are eventually dealt with.  Seeing that the party has lost, Grouble decides to run into the forest to escape.  As he is about to enter the tree line he is struck in the back by an arrow and goes down. 

At the end of the battle, the entire party is unconscious.  There are several soldiers standing watch for any signs of movement at which point they will strike to render unconscious.  The soldiers take a few minutes and secure the party by binding their hands and feet and them removing their weapons.