Game 05:  1/18/2014:
We Killed the Big Bad by Attacking the DARKNESS...

The party is suffering from the battle with the Ogres.  As this adventure begins they have a team member, Grouble, that is frozen inside of a 5 foot cube of ice.  Grouble has a magic ring of Protection Against Fire that is constantly freezing the water around him.  In additiona of his 5 foot cube there is a 5 foot cube both upstream and downstream that is frozen solid.  According the the Waterdeep Society For Standards and Practices:  Spell and Powers Compendium the party was able to determine how much damage needed to be done to destroy the blocks of ice.  They came up with several ways to extricate Grouble, some of them less than helpful and most likely lethal to Grouble.  Finally they settled on destroying enough of the ice to get at his ring.  This meant that someone would take some damage from the cold but not enough damage to be lethal.  The goal was to get to his ring and pull it off thus stopping the freezing effect. 

As the party starts to attack the ice trying to determine the best method for doing the most damage they discover that Cailin's bow puts out some serious damage for crystal structures.  With one well aimed shot, Cailin was able to completely shatter one 5 foot cube and deal damage to the cube that was holding Grouble.  During the next few minutes the team was able to do enough damage to the remaining ice to allow Grouble to get to his hand and remove the ring thus ending the freezing.  This process was not without it's drawbacks, especally for poor Grouble.  He managed to take a few directly misses from the other and at one point he took a scorching blast directly to the body.  but they still manage to get Grouble out of the ice with minimal damage to either himself or any other party memeber.  After the party manage to extracate Grouble they all make a startling discovery about the cavern as well as a powerful set of magical items.

When the party was exploring the cavern above and the levels they discovered long metal plates bolted to the center stalagtite/stalagmite and to the ceiling above.  At first they didn't think much of it and just passed this paticular feature by.  While exploring the floor below they discover eight invisible cubes with 9 raised knobs.  These cubes were vibrating psionically and were positioned at the base of the metal plates.  They were about 6 feet off the ground and were discovered inside a small cube sized notch directly below one of the plates.  Karst was also able to determine that a shallow grove of about 2 inches deepand two inches wide ran under the metla plates.  He was only able to feel the lowee plate but it was a good bet that the channel ran the length of the center column.

Merek (Randall) casts Identify on one of the cubes and learns just how dangerous they are.  Each cube functions like a Cube of Storing with a few modifications.  These cubes can store a total of 20 spell levels and currently contain the two spells of Orb of Force and Fireball, both cast at 10th level.  The party was able to determine that the psionic vibration they are feeling lowers as more of the knobs are organized on the same side.  Randal was able to determine one other thing; these cubes are activiated by a trigger.  However, they are unsure what the trigger is and they did not find any documentation or notes on this type of item.  They pocketec all eight of the cubes with the intend of exploring their functions at a later time.

The party takes an hour or two to search the forges for anything useful.  They find several forges that are dedicated to weapons, one dedicated to arnor and one station dedicate to some type of crystals.  They also encounter another unusual aspect to the forges.  They discover that each forge has a metal plate two feet by two feet by two inches.  They take the time to investigate the plates and they determine that the plates heat to extremely high temperature when air is forced across it and when water is passed over the plate it's internal temperature drops to just under 100 degrees.  The party manages to gather all of the weapons, armor, and crystals and head back up the the main level.  They leave the plates behind as they don't have a way to transport them safely.  They make it to the main level without incident and sleep through the night.  When they wake up they are levels an ready to press on.

When they enter the cages room they discover that the female they rescured (Alex's character) has not listened to their instructions and went through the other doors at the end of the bridge room.  Several of the caged prisoners tried to talk him out of it but he was dead set on exploring rather than babysitting.  There was some conflict with party memebers as to how to deal with the prisoners at this point.  Some of the prisoners are released before the party decides to leave them here and a minor altercation occurs.  After a few minutes of effort the party is manages, through diplomacy and intimidation, to get all of the prisoners back into their cells.  During the diplomatic portion of the re-incarceration the party learns that the towns people don't need to eat, drink, or releave themselves.  The cages function similar to a Ring of Sustanance.  As the party is prepairing to leave they make another epiphatic leap and discover that the cavern has been desinged to be flooded and the doors are even designed to open in the event of a flood.

The party crosses the bidge room encounters their most deadly enemy yet although they are not yet aware of the events that they have set in motion.  After they open the doors from the bridge chamber they encounter another set of doors.  Only the party members with a Good alignment can see the wards and the writing.  The scrip is tiny and covers every aspect of the door.  At first no one in the party is able to read the language or tell what type of language it is.  Cailin casts Read Languages and is struck with intence pain when she tries to read the language.  It is only because of her Bardic Knowledge and wealth of useless knowledge that she remembers one word...Enochian.  Something to do with a holy or angelic language but up until now it was just a story or myth.  Before suffering the backlash, Cailin is able to determine that the language is worded like a powerful ward.  Even with the wards, this door is similar to the others in that it is not locked and is designed to be opened by flooding water.

As the party enters the warded room the first thing that they notice is that, unlike the other rooms, this one has torches buring in sconces along the walls.  The room is very bright and and well lit.  There is a statue in the center of the room standing on a raised plinth.  The status is the normal height for a human and apears to be a female dressed in a toga style dress.  She is covering her face with her hands and appears to have wings on her back.  The party makes the guess that this is some type of religious figure.  They don't know much but both Cailin and Merik are able to tap into their vast bardic knowledge.  They believe that these statues are Angels and are either worshiped by primative cultures or they are apart of the diety struture.  Either way, the initial idea is that Angels are protectors and come to those in need.  There are a total of 12 angel statues in this room all standing on their own plinth.  The statue in the middle of the room is the only one with writing on the plinth.  Any player can read it as the writing translates to the characters native language.  It says, "The Lonely Man Shall Not Pass...". 

Shortly after reading the inscription they notice a door on the other side of the room with the same flood handles.  There is also a body of a humanoid and a wolf sized creature on the ground in front of the doors.  Upon closer inspection it is believed that the bodies are of the Wolf that belongs to the now deceased Druid and the body of the woman that they just rescued from the Ghoul cages.  They appear to be mummified and if the party didn't know bette they would guess these bodies have been here for decades.

During the exploration of this room the party discovers that the torches are putting out heat.  Unlike the previous heated Everburnign torch these are not radiating as flawed.  These are showing divine magic.  Merek and a few others take some of the torches down and after smothing them they store them in their packs for later.  Cailin, Karst, and Grouble make startling discovers about the floor.  There a very slight, almost imperceptable clicking as a player moves from five foot section to five foot section.  Some type of mechanism is working under the floor as the party moves through the room.  Cailin is the one that discovers that this door is locked and will not budge even in the slightest.  As she is searching and examining a section of wall near the door she touches a panel on the wall that activates with the slighest feather touch.  The party is able to locate and identify another five panels. 

Just as the party puts their backs to the room full of Angels Merek feels an iron grip on the back of his neck and on his right wrist.  He is not able to move and no one in the party even heard the angel move.  The face is fanged and clearly not the protector that the party believed.  The party soon learns that the status themselves are impervious to damage and the grip is slowly starting to age Merek.  They see the effect first in the metal gauntlet that he is wearing.  After a few second the metal of the gauntlet starts to rust and corrode.  He is also suffering the effedt of aging altyhough not to that extreme. 

Dralios and Jola notice that the only things in the room that are casting shadows are the Angels themselves.  The party quickly works out that the shadows are only visible because they took some of the torches off the wall.  I a desperate grab for effectiveness the party attacks the shadows of the Angel that has Merek.  The drawback is that any damage that is done to the Angel's shadows has the potential to transfer to Merek.  As the party starts to damage the shadows the Angel statue starts to crumble but not before he is knocked unconscious and near dead twice.  They actually manage to destroy the Angel thus freeing Merek and with a few healing touches he makes it through the friendly fire.

They discover that while looking at the Angels they don't move.  Taking time to make sure all the angles are covered they each press a panel and the second door opens.  The party exits the room through a door opposite of the door they entered and they find themselves outside once again.  They are at the end of a long stone hallway and there is sunlight at the end of the hall.  As they approach the end of the hall the setting is a dessert and they are emerging from a large pyramid with a vast forest stretching out in front of them.  The air is hot and dry and the stone looks like it has not seen any upkeep for centuries.  The temperture is well over 100 degrees and until they descent to the forest below they can smell the near sterile alchali of the desert.  Even with the three suns above, the desert behind, and the forest ahead Karst still insists that his Dwarven instincts are screaming that they are still deep underground.  The hallway continues with a badly neglected stone walkway that leads down to the forest below.  The walkway is about three hundred feet and in that short distace the temperature and humidiy drop dramtically to the normal of a forest.  From the walkway the party can just barely make out a pyramid rising above the trees and a large mountain range past the fores.  There is just the barest hit of ocean beyone that.  The party estimates that the pyramid is roughly 60 miles or a three day trip at normal pace.

At the end of the walkway they encounter a set of stairs that decend to a mesa set above the forest trees.  There is a large console with several dials set in the center of the mesa.  There are 10 sets of rings and what looks like a crude map in the center of the consoles.  Each ring section is comprised of 10 consentric rings.  Each concentric ring is detailed with 30 symbols that the party are not able to discipher.  None of the party members have ever seen symbols like this and there is nothing from either Bardic knowledge.  Each ring set has two thin brass bars that outline a set of symbols.  Even though the consoles appear to be carved stone the smaller consentric rings will easily rotate.  Two larger sairways decend into the forest.