Game 04:  1/4/2014:
Why Is All the Water In This Place Trying to Kill Us...

The adventure begins with the newest menber of the party, a young woman with no memory of who she is or where she came from, decides to stay with the prisioners and act as a forward observer incase the party is attacked from behind.  The party is not quite sure of the new girl.  In reality they aren't really sure about each other as they have only been together for a few days.  As the party proceeds past the cages and the towns people they make a startling discovery.  These people that were take from the Town of Caroline have been here for three weeks as far as they are concerned but only a day or two by the party's reconing.  The party makes the decision to leave he towns people in the cages and NOT free them at this time.

The party enters a large cavern that is lit by fires and forges from below.  In the center of this cavern is a large stalagtite that also acts as a support for the platform the party is standing on.  The platform is extremely well built and has been designed to sustain a tremendous amount of weight.  They also discover a work station that contains several sheets of parchment and what appear to be communications between a Master and an Apprentice.  There are references to a time table and other breeding experiments that are currently being conducted.  The party learns that reinforcements are on their way and will be here within a day or so.  On the main level of the cavern the party discover a chamber full of unconscious females.

The party makes it to the bottom level, the forge level, and battle some augmented Ogres.  In the course of the battle one of the party members is severely injured and trapped in ice.  The party manages to defeat the ogres but and now they have the task of freeing their trapped companion before they are interupped byt the reinforcements.