Game 03:  12/21/2013:
Can Weasels Actually Swim...Yes, They Can...

Game 03:  12/21/2013:  Can Weasels actually swim...

The party is still exploring the items that they have discovered in a secret lab.  Some of the party members are hurt while trying out the items.  The party decides to gather the items and the useful materials and leave this room.

In the excitement of battle and new items the party rushes back to the map room to open the sealed door and deal with what ever is inside without healing.  In to process of cleaning the room they discover that a female has been caged and is near death.

After clearing the cold storage room they tackle the problem of crossing the bridge and getting to the other side.  The bridge is sturdy but will not hold more than 150 pounds.  As the party starts to cross they are attacked.  Karst is nearly killed when he leaps into the water to try to recover his weapon.  The party manages to recover the drowning player and make it across the water. 

The party manages to discover most of the towns people trapped in cages.  They also manage to locate the item that have been take from the towns people and from the female that they located in the cage.  They also encounter a sleeping hybrid soldier that was unconscious and easily killed.  The party stops at a set of doors with the sound of machinary on the other side.