Game 02:  12/7/2013:
He Set Me On Fire...AGAIN!!!...

Game 02:  12/7/2013:  He Set Me On Fire Again...

This adventure takes place only a few minutes after the party emerges from the portal.  They exit the portal room and are attacked by guards hiding in nooks along the walls.  With some clever spell work and a few well places arrows the party manges to kill all of the guards before they can raise the alarm. 

The party locates a managery of magical creatures that are being harvested for their vital magical components.  One of the party members mananges to take time to mercy kill all of the animals before moving on.  In addition to the managre they discover a map room that holds hundreds of templates for maps and the party even takes a few of the maps with them.  This room and the maps within have great potential.

The party makes it to the open cavern area and encounter a wooden bridge that spans an underground river.  They manage to locate a secret room and manage to trigger the same trap twice which nearly kills one of the party members.  They manage to open the room and discover some implressive magic items.  One of the items they encounter is a carpet that unfortunately grapples and squeezes one of the character to death.