Game 01:  11/23/2013:
The Coming Storm...

Game 01:  11/23/2013:  The Coming Strom...

The party is drawn into the Forest of Caroline by a Vampire that calls himself Donovan.  He uses an ancient ritual that draws heroes that are needed to complete a specific quest.  The heroes drawn might not the the party that is needed to finish the quest but they are the way to completing the quest.

After the party is summed they agree to take on the quest and are taken to a portal sight deep in the forest.  As they enter the portal Donovan destroys the portal in the Forest of Carolyn which will most likely strand the party on the other side.  As the party emerges on the other end of the portal the divine casters in the group are stricken with the loss of the connection to their god.  They also discover that their Donovan is no where to be seen and there is a large pile of ash on the other side of the portal. 

The party quickly dispatch the cleaning crew and try to put the pieces together of this quest as they are already down by thier most powerful party member.