Gamelog of the Domain of Dread

Game 01:  11/23/2013:  The Coming Storm...

The party is drawn into the Forest of Caroline by a Vampire that calls himself Donovan.  He uses an ancient ritual that draws heroes that are needed to complete a specific quest.  The heroes drawn might not the the party that is needed to finish the quest but they are the way to completing the quest.

After the party is summed they agree to take on the quest and are taken to a portal sight deep in the forest.  As they enter the portal Donovan destroys the portal in the Forest of Carolyn which will most likely strand the party on the other side.  As the party emerges on the other end of the portal the divine casters in the group are stricken with the loss of the connection to their god.  They also discover that their Donovan is no where to be seen and there is a large pile of ash on the other side of the portal. 

The party quickly dispatch the cleaning crew and try to put the pieces together of this quest as they are already down by thier most powerful party member.

Game 02:  12/7/2013:  He Set Me On Fire Again...

This adventure takes place only a few minutes after the party emerges from the portal.  They exit the portal room and are attacked by guards hiding in nooks along the walls.  With some clever spell work and a few well places arrows the party manges to kill all of the guards before they can raise the alarm. 

The party locates a managery of magical creatures that are being harvested for their vital magical components.  One of the party members mananges to take time to mercy kill all of the animals before moving on.  In addition to the managre they discover a map room that holds hundreds of templates for maps and the party even takes a few of the maps with them.  This room and the maps within have great potential.

The party makes it to the open cavern area and encounter a wooden bridge that spans an underground river.  They manage to locate a secret room and manage to trigger the same trap twice which nearly kills one of the party members.  They manage to open the room and discover some implressive magic items.  One of the items they encounter is a carpet that unfortunately grapples and squeezes one of the character to death.

Game 03:  12/21/2013:  Can Weasels actually swim...

The party is still exploring the items that they have discovered in a secret lab.  Some of the party members are hurt while trying out the items.  The party decides to gather the items and the useful materials and leave this room.

In the excitement of battle and new items the party rushes back to the map room to open the sealed door and deal with what ever is inside without healing.  In to process of cleaning the room they discover that a female has been caged and is near death.

After clearing the cold storage room they tackle the problem of crossing the bridge and getting to the other side.  The bridge is sturdy but will not hold more than 150 pounds.  As the party starts to cross they are attacked.  Karst is nearly killed when he leaps into the water to try to recover his weapon.  The party manages to recover the drowning player and make it across the water. 

The party manages to discover most of the towns people trapped in cages.  They also manage to locate the item that have been take from the towns people and from the female that they located in the cage.  They also encounter a sleeping hybrid soldier that was unconscious and easily killed.  The party stops at a set of doors with the sound of machinary on the other side.

Game 04:  1/4/2014:  Why is all the Water in This Place Trying to Kill Us...

The adventure begins with the newest menber of the party, a young woman with no memory of who she is or where she came from, decides to stay with the prisioners and act as a forward observer incase the party is attacked from behind.  The party is not quite sure of the new girl.  In reality they aren't really sure about each other as they have only been together for a few days.  As the party proceeds past the cages and the towns people they make a startling discovery.  These people that were take from the Town of Caroline have been here for three weeks as far as they are concerned but only a day or two by the party's reconing.  The party makes the decision to leave he towns people in the cages and NOT free them at this time.

The party enters a large cavern that is lit by fires and forges from below.  In the center of this cavern is a large stalagtite that also acts as a support for the platform the party is standing on.  The platform is extremely well built and has been designed to sustain a tremendous amount of weight.  They also discover a work station that contains several sheets of parchment and what appear to be communications between a Master and an Apprentice.  There are references to a time table and other breeding experiments that are currently being conducted.  The party learns that reinforcements are on their way and will be here within a day or so.  On the main level of the cavern the party discover a chamber full of unconscious females.

The party makes it to the bottom level, the forge level, and battle some augmented Ogres.  In the course of the battle one of the party members is severely injured and trapped in ice.  The party manages to defeat the ogres but and now they have the task of freeing their trapped companion before they are interupped byt the reinforcements.

Game 05:  1/18/2014:  We Killed the Big Bad by Attacking the DARKNESS...

The party is suffering but they still manage to get Grouble out of the ice with minimal damage to either himself or any other party memeber.  The one good thing a enough damage to the ice cubes to allow Grouble to remove his ring.  Of course, they also manage to miss a few times and even manage to hit him full on with a Scorching Ray but ... whatever ... he still escaped.  After they extracate Grouble they all manage to make a startling discovery about the cavern as well as a powerful set of magical items.bout Grouble trapped with that the party learns that Cailin's Sonic bow can deal some major damage to crystaline structures.  With a conbination of melee, ranged, and magic attacks the party manages to deal

The party manages to gather all of the waepong, armor, and crystals and head back up the the main level.  They rest and level in the night and once they press on they discover that the female they rescured (Alex's character) has not listened to their instructions and he went through the other doors at the end of the bridge room.  After a minor altercation with the prisioners the party presses on.  As they are prepairing to leave they make another epiphatic leap and discover that the cavern has been desinged to be flooded and the doors are even designed to open in the event of a flood.

The party encounters their most deadly enemy yet although they are not yet aware of the events that they have set in motion.  They encounter a heavely warded room and several statues.  After manageing to nearly kill one of their own (several times, i might add) they manage to escape and gain control of the room.  They also discover the, now decayed and mummified, body of the woman they rescured and the both of the Wolf that belonged to the deceased party member.

The party exits the room opposite of the door they entered and they find themselves outsice once again.  The setting is a dessert and they are emerging from a large pyramid with a vast forest stretching out in front of them.  The air is hot and until they descent to the forest below they can smell the near sterile alchali of the desert.  Even with the three suns above, the desert behind, and the forest ahead Karst still insists that his Dwarven instincts are screaming that they are still deep underground.  The party also discover a complex artifact that they have yet to explore.

Game 06:  2/1/2014:  The Return of Karst's Bad Side...

The party take a few hours to investigate the rings and the consoles.  They make some discoveries but they are not able to affect any change that they can see.  While investigating the pyramid entrance they make another disocvery.  They encounter what appears to be an invisible wall running flush with the end of the pyramid hallway.  The party is able to determine that the symbols on the rings are the same symbols in the same order as the wall.

The party finally makes the decision to leave the 100 towns people behind and descent into the forest.  They manage to locate a trail that has been grown over.  They manage to travel a few hours and get roughly 6 miles before they encounter a group of Soldiers tormenting a Dire Wolf.  The party makes short work of the Soldiers and manage to make a connection with the Wolf.

Game 07:  2/22/2014:  ...

The party takes a day to heal and lick their wounds.  They also take the time to identify some of the items that they have discovered along the way.  After a day of recovery and identifying the party start off in what they believe to be north.  The party soon encounters the real soldier camp and there looks to have been a fight with another party of adventures.  From this location the party moves deeper into the forest, moving closer to the pyramid.

About mid-day the party encounters a set of buildings and part of a villiage.  Karst eventually remembers that this is an exact replica of the Villiage of Caroline.  The villiage is not complete and two extra barracks have been added.  The town is complete with immitation merchantile and inn.  The houses have the same ammenities as the village but no food or parashables.  The party discovers a 60 passed out soldiers that they are able to dispatch and move the bodies into the woods.  The party, with the assistance of their new Dire Wolf companion discover startling evidence that they are being watched.

They take the time to explor the town and while exploring the town and deciding what to do with the 60 sleeping Soldiers they hear the sound of combat on the weastern road out of town.  They encounte the wolf engaged in combat with a full party of 11 Soldiers.  The battle goes well eventually for the party and they manage to deal with the group of soldiers.  They even manage to discover another of the sphere stuck in a tree. 

Game 08:  3/8/2014:  ...

After the battle the party goes back to the town and decides to drag the sleeping soldiers out to the forest and kill them peacefully.  The next morning the party discovers some disturning evidence that they may not be alone in the forest.  They also make a gruesome find along the road to the north. 

It takes the party a few hours but they finally reach an object in their path.  They discover a large Obelisk 100 feet tall and 5 feet wide at its base.  The stone Obelisk stands in the center of a large round stone surface.  Some of the party work on the obelisk until they are invaded by Soldiers transporting in.  The party does manage to take out the attacking soldiers but not before some of the party members take serious damage.  The game ends with the party back at the training town.

Game 09:  3/22/2014:  Hide Checks Are For Pansies...

This chapter begins with the party back in the training town.  They have several directions to go. They can head west to what they believe is a bridge, they can go south back to the pyramid and the gathering forces, or they can move north to the obelisk.  They decide to move west to the bridge.  They manage to time their camping and arrive so that they arrive at the river around noon.

When they to the river they try to sneak closer but are tipped off by a noisy party memeber.  The soldiers are able to raise the alarm and call for reinforcements from both north and south along the river.  The party is able to hold their own for a few minutes before they are overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

Game 10:  4/26/2014:  One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

The party awakens inside large sacks and smelling of Camomille.  They have been stripped of all their gear, cloths, and items and dressed in basic undergarments.  They are tied to the top of moving wagons and have no idea how long they have been unconscious.  They are traveling at the end of the day and they are fairly certain that they are traveling to the Obelisk.

Once the party reaches the Obelisk they are transported to what they believe is the northern dot on their map.  An old friend, sort of, appears and lanuches a devistating attack that nearly kills the Soldiers and severely damages the party members.  The soldiers quickly deal with the interloper and turn their attention to the bagged party.  After a quick but thourough inspection of the party the soldiers are satisfied that they are not too badly damaged.  The party is tied together then bound to the Obelisk for the night.

The Soldiers take shifts and during the night three of the soldiers are killed quickly, quietly, and mysterously.  Also, Caileen's vine bindings are cut by a mysterous benefactor.  The party manages to extracate themselves and take on the remaining Soldiers.  As they are still suffering the effect of Serke's previous attacks they can't put up much of a fight and are easily taken down.  The battle does not last long and once over the party turns their attention to the guards and the carts.

The party, with the exception of Karst, is able to locate all of their equiptment.  Karsts equiptment is nowhere to be found.  There are a few odds and ends that are missing but most everything is intact.  They equipt Karst and Serke as best they can and decice to stay at the obelisk for the day.  They discover that they only have enough water to wash out the powder for three people.  Caileen and the carpet do some scouting and head east to what they believe is a river.  When they return it is dusk and the rest of the party is hosed off and ready for the next day.

Game 11:  5/10/2014:  The Gathering Storm...

The first order of business is to search the rest of the carts and recover as much of their stuff as possible.  In addition to most of their equiptment hey also discover some disturbing items.  In one of the compartmets they find 9 of the time stasis manacles.  There is a manacle for each of the party members plus a few extras.  Each of the party members' first names are written on a seperate manacle with chalk.  As they start to inquire about the manacles Serke informs them that they were actually unconscious for a little over two weeks and not the prevous estimate of one to two days.

The party stays the night at the Obelisk and when the morning arrives they are rested, refreshed, and no longer smelling of camomille.  They hide the carts and remove as much of the battle marks from the ground before heading north.  Even through the trek north is uneventful they still take the precaution to walk off trail past the range of the scry crystals.  Even the night is uneventful for most of the party. 

The second day from the northern Obelisk is a little more exciting as the party sees several caravans of soldiers and wagons moving north at a rate of one per 2 hours.  They are the standard compliment of soldiers moving at double time pace.  The party manages to effectivey hide from the first group but gets a little antsy for the second group and opens fire.  The battle is in the party's favor and once they hide the carts and battle damage they move north as well.  They dont take on any more groups but they do see severl more caravans move past heading north.

The caravans stop passing at roughly midnight and the party is able to rest until the following morning.  After they move out they are only on the road for an hour before they get to a crossroad and see that the caravans took both the east and west roads and none traveled north.  Taking this as a good sign, the party moves north and discovers a large cleared area and another cliff and pyramid simiar to the one they left behind.  The main difference is taht this pyramid overlooks a large clearing and several hundred soldeirs training.  The party decides to err on the side of caution and move in the treeline until they get to where the trees meet the cliff face.  It is night time and the Solders are not sneaking or moveng covertly on their patrols so the party is able to avoid them with realtive ease.  The plan is to have Caileen's carpet raise the party, one at a time, to the top of the cliff then make their way to the pyramid through the tall grass.

Game 12:  5/31/2014:  Assualt on Palace Ash'ir...

The party manages to make it to the top of the ledge undectected and the edge of the Pyramid.  There are no patrols this close to the pyramid but they can see groups moving through the trees and in the valley below.  There are several guards at the midway platform but they are more focused on the valley floor and the console.  Even though the entrance to the caravan is not direcly guarded they do manage to attract some unwanted attention.

The party makes their way into the Pyramid and finds that the interior was a once great palace.  The palace is a shadow of its former glory and splender.  There is both an upper section and a lower section.  Avoiding the lower section all together they move to the upper level and discover a managere of unusual creature and entities.  After a disturbing walk down a heavly warded hall they enter the main chamber and discover that Donovan is still alive, sort of.

Donovan is not alone.  There a beautiful woman that was speaking with Donovan when the party entered.  She manages to lull the party in to a false sence of security and temps several of the party members as a distraction.  While the image of this woman taunts and temps the party the real Apprentice is busy hiding and discarding sevaral secure magical items within a hidden study. 

The party manages to defeat the apprentice and learn that she is a Druid and was the Dire wolf they have been traveling with for several days.  They also learn that the master is not in the cavern and upon the Apprentice's death several cubes are activated that would have destroyed the distants forge caveran and flooded the whole complex.

Game 13: 7/5/2014:  The Rescue of Donovan...

The party is recovering from the battle with the Apprentice and Donovan is dealing with the loss of his love, Caroline.  They also take time to search this chamber in great detail and discover some potentialy powerful magical artifacts that include a desimated extra dimentinal study and a large ring that is a portal to other locations.  As part of the recovery they explore the chamber and the destroyed study.  They manage to recover a few intact items as well as a few pages that might prove useful later.

As the party is searching the room they discover another interesting situation.  At the entruance to this chamber they have company.  Several dozen soldiers have started to line up at the entrance.  The only thing keeping them out is a standing order from the Master that they are not to enter this chamber without specific personial invitation.  They appear to be waiting and gathering in strength but they have not made any attempt to enter the chamber.

As the party is trying to decide the next course of action they realise that the female that returned from the dead is not with them anymore.  At some point she slipped out of the chamber.  Either captured by the soldiers and moved out or she was allowed to pass, the party is not sure.  Donovan has told them to watch her but did not say why.  They decide that the best course of action is to forego searching the palace as the soldiers have been alerted to their presence and use the rings.  Donovan is not going to travel with them but will stay behind with Karst and kill every soldier in this cavern.  He plans to recover Karst's ancestral armor from the Gnomes first then start a killing spree.  He will open the rings every 100 days until the party returns.

Game 14: 7/19/2014:  The Battle's Done and We Kind-of Won...

This is the party's first trip thorugh the Demon Gate.  After much deliberation they decinded tht the best place to travel to is Barovia.  They enter the land at a ring of ancient stone.  They decide to stay the remainder of the night in the ring as it offers a small amount of protection. 

During the night there is a minor incident with a creature in the woods.  Some of the party members loose a few hours but don't think much of it.  The party manages to make it to the town of Barovia and make it past the ring of poison that surrounds the town.  They also make first contact with the Vistani and some of the major towns people.  They learn about the Zombies that have been palguing the city and decide to help.  The towns people with the help of a newly arrived paladin have baracaded the town as best as they can but the town is not doing well and they have already lost so many. 

During the first battle two of the party members were poisoned and Caileen has manacled herself to keep from dying.  The zombies are actually using a new tactic to get past the barracades.  The first battle is over but the night is far from won.  The party can see and hear the sounds of battle from the town square.

Game 15:  8/16/2014:  A Zombie, A Vistani, and Too Many Questions...

This adventure takes place only a few minutes after the previous adventure. The party is still licking their wounds from the previous fight and they have many miles to go before they sleep.  Some of the party iare hurt and trying to recover form being hit by zombies.  They manage to make it through this battle and mostly intact. As a result of the battle they manage to loose a few party members, one does not reutrn.  They also encounter  a girl that manages to turn the tide of the battle. After surviving the night they make a leasurely trip to the Vistani camp. Each of the party members is able to acquire the items that they were looking for and the party is granted a meeting with the Vistani leader, Madam Eva. The meeting takes a surprising turn but the party learns some critical information.

Game 16:  9/13/2014:  ...