Game 1: 56234: 11/3/2012: "Damn baby...You got ugly real fast"

This is our first night in this town. Grayson and i have been long on the road and this is as good a place as any to reenter the world. The road from Mulhorand has not been east and the faces of my friends still haunt my dreams and wake me in the early hours. We have been alone for too long and i can feel myself loosing touch with the world around me. This town is under seige by a group called the Zhentarim and the worst part is that these men, women, and childred have accepted their fate. The Zhentarim are completely in control and some of these people will not last the winter. Could it be that Grayson and I have been lead here for a reason. Is this the reason for our long road. Maybe...maybe not. The good thing about a place like this is that there is always a party looking to fill a hole. Mayhap I can find a group that has need of my bow. Might also find a way to help these people as well as myself.

Grayson and i do some checking and tonight we are going to approach a party that seems to be making a name for themselves. No one we have questioned can tell me anything about the party in specific but they have noticed that this particular party keeps surviving their adventures. A few party members lost but the majority of them always come back. Seems like a good place to start. What ever they are doing they seem to be able to handle themselves. When this party returned from their last excursion they were a member short. Myself and another fighter named Kemee join up and in the morning we are heading to a place nearby named Foxridge. Some type of dungeon or crype that they managed to penetrate but not conquer.

We approach the cave at Fox Ridge without incedent but once we enter the entry chamber we are set upon by several mummies. Several of us are hit by the mummies and suffer the effects of Mummy Rot. I am among those affected and not only is my body weakened but my face is disfigured. Malark is able to restore some of the damage but it will be a few days before we can restore correctly.

As we move back through the dungeon we enconter another of the traps. We are set upon by an illusion Helmed Horror. Once we all manage to disbelieve the illusion we search the reckage of the room and locate a few missed magical items.

My first encounter with the Grinding Gulf is nothing less than impressive. Thankfully I am with a group that has some experience with this particular obstacle. One of their number has been crushed by the boulders. I might have been daring enough to try to leap from boulder to boulder. Thankfully there is an alternate way around the corner through a few secret passagaes.

We start down a flight of stairs that is easily 150 to 175 feet down. The actual trip down is not eventfull. We don't even see any signs of life as we move lower. Even using my tracking ability i dont see that anyone else has used this particular stairway. The situation is considerably different shen we get to the bottom of the stairway. I don't rely on magic but i have noticed that some of my items have stopped working and it seems that the party main hitter is a mage with limp spells.

My first combat encounter with is group is against a few drow. They rock their darkness powers, of course, but my teams hits justs as hard and without reservation. The firghter Kemee launches himself into combat with both the Drow and the pack lizards they are riding. Even though he is hit several times and hit hard his warrior pride and faith in Tempus prevents him from stepping back. Taking his que I manage to seriously wound the caster and brought down the last remaining pack lizard.

As we loot the kills it we find some prettty interesting and lucrative items. After examining the loot we realize that this was most likely a supply run. There were several hundred bolts and crossbows as well as humdreds of jars of herbs and other ingrediants. I manage to add 8 vials of drow poisoin and a masterwork rapier. Nothing else was of interest. Better to let the other fight of the small stuff.  We are all affected by a Cloud Kill spell inside the Bell Doors and we have to run out.

Game 2: 56262: 12/1/2012: "Why is her head missing? ... I can fix that"

We have to wait until the Cloud Kill disapates.  The only problem is that this take several hours.  We have discovered that there is a slit in the wall above the normal line of sight that they have been spying on us.  We make it into the hall and start to battle some female zealots.  Beestinger takes an invisible trip down the hall and manages to slaughter some kitchen staff.  We manage to capture one of the female zealots.  Unfortunately in the process of torturing or questioning the female zealot Kemee accidently cuts her head off after shouting "Four". 

As Beestinger is exploring the kitchen and finishing the kitchen staff, he locates a secret passage.  He moves the passage and find another larger room. Presummeanble this si the room on the other side of the ornate double doors.  As we are prepairing to move into the main double doors Beestinger stumbles back into the party and he is clearly affected by something.  He is not able to speak and he is finally, with great effort, to stammer "undead".  He tells us that there is a black hall with pilars and some type of creature.

During the night i suffer from the Mummy Rot from the first hall.  I take enough damage that i am out.  Malark is able to cast Remove Curst and remove the Mummy Rot and he is able to remove the ability score damage.  Grayson is with me the whole time and i manage to recover.  As i am recoverng Kemee and Malark are trying to question the remaining female zealot.  As she starts to cast they hit her again and knock her out.  Once she is out again we finally search her and Marq locates a letter.

Grayson is a key part as she serves as a lookout.  She alerts us that others are coming up on us.  As they are finishing with the female I hear movement on the other side of the door.  As the doors to the column chamber break open, Marq is able to case Web to try to slow down the bad guys.  There are shadow swirl casters with flails that come through.  Kemee rushes into the battle and even though he takes some serious damage he wields his flaming sword with reckless abandon and nearly drops the shadow creature.  Once we drop the two warriors i move back into the hall and prepair for an ambush that does not occur.

We manage to drive the shadow dead back into the temple and we prepare for the final battle.  When the game ends Grayson is watching over the cuffed cleric in the bunk room with instructions to let us know if she moves.  Malark, Kemee, and Dolerine all have Skate cast on them and can move 10 additonal feet per round.  The game ends with us at the doors ready to enter the room and face the challange.

Game 3: 56297: 1/5/2013: "Turtled for the Whole Combat...Most Ineffective Cleric Ever"

As we enter the room, my first action is to fire a flaming arrow at the far end of the chamber.  The far end of the chamber is shrouded in darkness for a good reason.  As my arrow soars to the far wall we see a large four-clawed creature, a shadow caster of some type and the four turned undead.  There is also a shados shrouded woman and an alter of some type.  The other close the large doors and try to give ourselves a few seconds to prepair.  I move back into the hall and the other room with the zealot.  She is either still unconscious or faking.  Doesn't matter because I take care of her.  The creature that we are facing is called a Nycaloth and has some impressive abilities in addition to the nasty claws.

The Four-clawed creatrue tears the door off and with its first attack it nearly cleaves Kemee inhalf which is ironic because Kemee is the only fighter that I know that has not actually taken the cleave feat.  He manages to survive the first attack as Malark is next to him ready to heal.  One of the down sides to only having one cleric is that when they are affected by a Fear effect we loose our band-aide.  The only conselation is that as Malark is fleeing from the battle he encounters the most sinister of obsticles...loose rubble.  He trips and falls and spends the next few rounds floundering and trying to stand up.

Marq cast two impressive spells.  First the Orb of Force purified with smiting and the blast hits soo hard we feel the complex shake.  During the battle we discover that the Nycaloth is able to summon lessor versions of himself.  Marq determines that they are just mirror images but they still pose a problem.  The dark lady is using some type of rod that strikes like a snake.

Dolerine decides that his best and most effective place is outside the battle and moving swiftly in the opposite directon.  Kemee, on the other hand, launches himself into the fray with only 10 HP remaining.  May fortune favor the foolish.  Marq runs past me out of the room and shouts, "close the door".  Once he runs past me, he cast his Regroup spell and is able to pull all of the party members together outside the doors.  Beestinger's luck runs out and he is struck twice by the Shadow woman's serpent mace and fails his saving throw.  Malark manages to get his footing just as we see Beestinger go down.  We leave Beestinger.

We make it up to the top of the stairs and to the entrance without being pursued.  We have to wait out a snow storm for a day or so but we heal ourselves and make it back to town with the plan of returning and finishing the job.  When we are back at the Inn we are approached by a representative of Weirgun the Trader.  Clearly he is a man that has prospered by the suffering of others.  He has heard about the groups previous success at the Castle and he has not decided which side to back fully.  He points us in the direction of a secret meeting in a nearby Druid's grove.  I am extremely skeptical and nervous about this meeting.  Pathetic, spinless, spivs like this guy always manage to find a place in war and they always sell out in the end.  None of the party listens to me and they buy his fancy, fancy words completely. 

The meeting is largely talk but has some potential.  We leave without incident and as Weirguns olive branch he points us to a man named Helmark Hillsfar.  He has a farm between here and Fox Ridge and he might be convinced by coin to let us use his barn as a resting place.  Don't like it and don't trust Weirgun. I don't think the party truely understands how valuable information about us could be.

Game 4: 56311: 1/19/2013: "If you Don't Pay a Good Price Up Front For a Halfling, You're Going to Pay on the Backend"

We stay in town a few days just to see how the world is working and to see if we could fill the hole in our party.  We reach out to Weirgun first but he is shockingly less than helpful.  I walk the town with Grayson hoping that either inspiration will strike or someone will follow me back to the Inn.  Nothing happens and other than a ferrocious envy from the other towns people over my brand new masterwork sledge of opening.

We leave the next morning and make it back to Fox Ridge.  Still one member short but ready to clear the dungeon.  As we are about to enter the dungeon we discover that Marq's Mage Armor is not working, my bow will not energize, and Kemee's flaming sword will not light.  We have known for some time that magic was failing, something about the weave, but nothing like this.  I run back down the trail for roughly 400 feet and still nothing.  Only the shadow weapons that we have liberated are working.  Time to think about changing tactics.

As we enter the first chamber Grayson is able to use her echolocation and identify several people hiding in the wall slots.  My arrows at this range are not doing much damage so I pull out my whip dagger and disarm the closest two shadow slain.  Doesn't damage them but every time they drop to pick up their weapons the other get a free strike.  After the battle and the clean up we hear another body scrambling through the secret tunnel entrance.  He tells us his name is Markass the Scarred and he was part of the Shadowdale militia when the Zynterium took over.  He tells us that the Zynterium have been watching us.

Game 5: 56332: 2/9/2013: "Seth...The Beholder Slayer"
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Game 6: 56346: 2/23/2013 "Grayson Enters the Clearing At the End of the Path"
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Game 7: 36360: 3/9/2013: "Cleaning House and Some Van Damm-age on the Altar"
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Game 8: #####: 3/30/2013: "Kemee...the Psion Slayer"

The day ends with us out of the Alokkair's lair and safely back at the farmer's barn. For the time being we seem to be safe and this is the second time that we have used this particular barn. Don't know if it is just paranoia or some instinct that i should be listening to but i am getting nervous about using this particular barn repeatedly. It has been my experience that in times of war or occupation their are always cowards that cousin with the invaders in hopes of returning to a normal way of life for themselves. Rather than fight and resist they collaborate and spy in exchange for a few pathetic privileges or their own "30 pieces of silver" would be. If we survive the assault on the twisted tower I will bring this up to the rest of the party. For now, I trust their judgement and experience with the Zhynterum.

We decide to travel back to town to restock for an few days underground. Supplies are very hard to come by and even something as simple as arrows are in short supply. We manages to get a few rations and other minor supplies and do a little scouting around. Nothing seems to have changed and we don't seem to be on anyones crystal ball yet. By midmorning we have traveled to town, resupplied, and returned to the mouth of Alokkair's lair.

As we move back down through the House of Night and back up to the other side we don't notice aother presence. It is mid afternoon as we stand on the path into the underdark and hopefully to the Twisted Tower. We took some time the previous night at the barn to discuss our options and the general consensus is that if we liberate Castle Krag again and then abandon for the Twisted Tower the Zents will just restock and reinforce. The journey to the Twisted Tower is only a half day trip above ground but in studying the map we have it looks to be a few days underground.

We make it back to the Lair of the Lich and start our journey into the long dark to the Twisted Tower. Trip might take several days. After a few hours we come to a chamber that is full of chittering sounds and has a large hole in the top of the domed ceiling. These spiders have some type of armor on their legs which makes them difficult to damage.

Game 9: #####: 4/20/2013: "My Fairness Dice is on Eleven...That's one and one...So We're Even..."
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Game 10: #####: 5/4/2013: "I Think Dolerine Just Ate a Bug..."
I am River Longshot.  I wear the mantle of the bat to honor my falen friend Grayson.  I am the bat, I am night and the shadow.  I will not stop until they are all dead.  The last one pays for all...

Game 11: #####: 5/26/2013: "Knock, Knock...You're Scared..."
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Game 12: #####: 6/15/2013: "Piece of Strange or Sausage Fest...He Choose Poorly..."
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Game 13: #####: 7/6/2013: "The Party Without River.."
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Game 14: #####: 7/27/2013: ""
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Game 15: #####: 8/3/2013: ""
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Game 16: #####: 8/17/2013: ""
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Game 17: #####: ##/##/2013: ""
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