Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



DM: Kevin

Kemee:  DM


Markass:  Jordan


Seth:  Randall

Dolerine:  Kenneth

Marq:  StevenSeth: Randall


Malark: Jonathan


River Longshot: Lewis



GAME 15: “The Rule is: If I Bleed on it then it’s mine…”




We finally have made it out of the underdrk and the twisted tower. We brought as many prisoners with us as we could and they are currently hiding in the tunnels beneath the Old Skull Inn where they are being watched after by a sympathetic tavern ower and her son. We made our way to the Druid’s grove where we fought a guardian of the “backroads” which is a fey network of quick dimentioonal doors. After our victory over the guardian we have been given the privilage of using the “backroads” to freely move around Shadowdale. After the Druid’s grove we take on the large winterwolf that has been terrorizing the Druids and Rangers of this region. He is not an easy kill but Malark is able to take him down with the assistance of some of our most powerful magical items. Everyone but Markass contributed and offered an item of use.




We are back at the Fox Ridge trying to decide what our next move is. The ultimate goal is to break the bond between the Zentyrum and the Drow. At this point we are thinking about going back into the tower and questioning the drow Jezz the Lame. He was back at the rooms that we escaped into the secret tunnel. The primary plan is to get a letter from Jezz that draws a rift between the Zents and the Drow by making it seem that the zents are turning on the drow. If the letter is given then he might be able to live. If he does not give the letter or if he acts against us then we can kill him. If we kill him then we can use Speak with Dead.


I do not have any problem making this type of agreement with the vile Drow because regardless of what we agree to or how well we hold up our end of the bargan the Drow will betray us and give me a reason to kill him. The only stipulation is that one of us would need to have Comprehend Languages in place while he was writing the letter.

Tomorrow we will have Dolerine scout the Tower. Marq will be able to use his skill trick and identify items. The plan is for Markass to take the first two hours while I sleep then I will take the remaingin 8 hours to allow the party to sleep. I prefet the solitude, especially after the battle with the guardian. My ring provides me with contant sustanande and makes it possible for me to only sleep 2 hurs a night. For some reason I have been growing hungry and having a strange craving. I know something is wrong but I done’ know what is happening. I am not about to tell the party before I have a better grip on what is happening.


I am waiting in the entrance to the cave. About three hours into my watch I notice a green light on the ceiling. The closest person to me is Kemee and I don’t want to poke that sleeping bear first. I move silently across the floor and wake Seth qhietly. There is a creature with a glowing green oval body crawling across the ceiling with tentacles. Where a head would be razor sharp teeth and mouth. They are slithering across the ceiling.

The creature drops from the ceiling and goes slack. Both Kemee and Malark at beating on this thing. As the creature is dying we see that it is starting to camouflage with the environment. After the healing we spend the next few hours licking out wounds and healing for the rest of the night. Malark rocks the Lesser Envigor Mass and Cure Light Wounds. Malark also casts his Create Water spell and washes river off.


We decide to head back into the first room of the Alachair Lair. The only problem is that the clerics and the divine casters need to pray at a specific point in the day. We are thinking about taking a full day to complete the cycle of prayer for the divine casters. Malark is back to normal for his spells.


Markass locates a secret door down one of the other hallway. He comes back briefly to tell us about the secret passage. I take time to run back to the hall and see where the secret room is. The other are sleeping and Markass are the only ones awake. Markass is searching the armor and the suits of armor but they are all rusted and discarded. After thinking about his position I am pretty sure thtat this is the room where the Helmed Horrors were. This must be the secret entrance that bypasses the pit trap entrance.




The moon dog and part of the pack speaks into Malarks head. The moondog tells Malark that we are needed in Shadowdale immediately as some of the zentrym are about to sacrafice some of the prisoners. The Wolf does not know what we started but some of the villagers have started to revold. The Zenys have takes women and children. Ther are about 15 prisoners and they are being taking to the old temple of mystra. There are about 15 guards and 2 ogres. One of the guards is the leader for this area.


We are thinkging about thking the backroads and get closer. None of the gates bring us close to the town. I walk up to the lead wolf and get down on one knee. I think to the wolf, “are you able to hear me?”.

-       the wolf responds in my head that he can hear me.

-       I mentally ask, “How long will it take to muster the other wolves an the druids?”

-       The wolf responds that it will take about an hour and a half to get the wolves but the druid’s are already there leading the revolt”


We know that the backroads move us from several points to other specific points. The following charts shows where the point it will tke for travel. We figure that it can take us only a few minutes to get to the other end of the bridge and the town. We are planning to stop the initial attack and prevent the killing while the wolves are called.


We all get dimensioned door by Dolerine and land right in front of the enemy and the hostigates. They are all going ove the bridge and about to go to their death.

We take down all the evil and then manage to quickly search the evil. We are all gathering the priosoners and getting ready to exit the bridge. The whole battle and travel trime from the Fox Ridge took less than thirty minutes. We tell the peasants to disperse and go hide.


After the battle we can’t tell what the other Druid’s are doing. We take time to throw the bodies over the railing of the bridge. As we are all about to leave we see some of the town’s people coming out of the tower of Asheba with the Druid’s. The druid’s and the towns people just sacked the tower and have news about the