Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



DM:  Kevin


Dolerine:  Kenneth


Markass:  Jordan

Seth:  Randall


Malark:  Jonathan


River Longshot:  Lewis



GAME 15: É










At the start of this adventure we are all gathered in the tunnel beneath the basement of the Old Skull Inn.  It is about midnight on the 7th day after the last time we were in town.  We have to do a little sneaky bookkeeping in order to pay for our rooms and our stables.  We have not made contact with the old woman that runs the Inn or her son.  We have about 30 former prisoners in tow.  We have spent the day trying to decide what to do and where to go.  We have three options:

One of the best things we have acquired from Lord Morgrim is a handdrawn map of the main parts of the tower.  The map is not really detailed but it is good enough to locate the main partolls and the guards.  We can also now plan a future invasion.


Dolerine is able to cast a spell that lets him reach out mentally to the Ranger the party met previously.  The ranger is named Azalar Falconhand.  Dolerine casts the spell and manages to talk with the ranger mentally.  Azalar tells us that he has been in contact with the Fey and they have a proposal for us.  The Fey will meet with us but we need to be in the Druids grove before dawn.  We believe that this is our part.


While Dolerine is mentally chatting with Azalar Falconhand, Markass moves up to the inn while invisible.  He makes contact with the old woman ownerÕs son, Durgo Silvermain.  Markass is able to determine that the Zentrym is massively searching for us.  He lets the son know that there are roughly 30 people in the tunnel beneath the basement.


The plan is to let Dolerine use his dimesion door on most of us and let Markass just walk out invisible.  As there are a rigiculous amount of Zentyrm searching for us we are going to split up and move in small groups to the treeline and move back to the Druid Grove.  Before we move out, Malark casts Silence on two arrows.  One arrow goes to me and one arrow goes to Kemee as he now knows how to use his shortbow.  There was a little adjustment from the initial trip but by the time Dolerine gets back for the second trip he has it down pat. 


Once we reach the druids grove we see Falconhand in the middle of the stones.  Both Markass and I take time to spot and listen but we donÕt see anything.  The grove is full of Oak trees and mistletoe.  The mistletoe is a sign that there has been some Druid activity in the area.  As we approach he greats us as Well met.  I place the silence arrow in my haversack to stop the silence effect. 


Falconhand tells us that a dire wolf has challenges the Moon wolves and took over.  Now the pack is harassing the druids and even openly attacking the druids.  Falconhand tells us that this direwolf has complete control of the pack and has become too powerful for the Druids to take care of.  There are about 10 to 12 druids that ghather at one time. 


Falconhand tells us that he has been intouch with the other Fey and the fey touched.  He tells us that there is a fey crossroads near here that the fey an use to travel.  He tells us that the fey were the only ones that fought the Drow 4000 years ago when the tower of asheba was built.  The Drow summoned a spider creature called a susserus to block the crossroads and prevent travel to the backroads and help us travel around shadowdale.  There are crossroad guardians that are keeping the creature trapped.  If we tackly the Susserus and defeat it then the fey would help us and allow us to travel through the backroads. 


Falconhand tells us that he is about to step into the crossroads and speak with the guardians.  He can advise the guardians that he has brought some adventures that might be able defeat the Susserus.  As we are prepairing to do this I ask if the guardians are able to prevent the Susserus from reentering the ethereal plane to prevent escape.  Falconhand does not know if the guardians will prevent this creaturs from reentering the ethereal.  Falconhand enters the crossroads and disappears.


In the interviening moments Malark casts Bless and Divine Protection to buff the party.  I cast Delay poison on myself.  We move closer to the center of the grove but still stay within range of MalarkÕs Buffs.


After a few mintues we see a large 12 foot ghostly Satyr appear.  He is moving forward and does not act like he can even see us.  Most likely he is not able to see us as some ethereal creatures can not see material plane.  We all get into position to take on what the creature comes through. 

-       Malark casts Righous Wrath of the Faithful on the rest of us

-       Both Dolerine and I are holding our actions until we see the spider creature

-       Falconhand comes running out of the portal and gets to the ring of stones and stops and turns

A large aractnid covered in matted white fur with a symbol of Lollth on its fourhead.  It is floating a few feet off the ground.  Its eyes burn with an inner light and it is Garguancian in size.  Its legs are burned stumps.

-       Dolerine fires his held blast and death some serious damage

-       I make three shots and only hit once, however both my first arrow and the last arrow are natural 1Õs.

-       Malark takes the last spot in initative and csts Flame Strike

-       Seth makes two strikes and hits twice

-       We discover that this creature does not have reach even though he is a garguancian creature

-       Marq casts Orb of force and we all notice that all of the damage affects the creature

-       I fire three arrows and only miss with one

-       Malark casts Blade Barrior but the spell doesnÕt get past his spell resistance and does nothing except give him an impressive armor against ranged weapons

As the fight goes on we see tha the guardian is not moving or acting in any way to either help or hinder.  Almost like he is waiting to see how the battle goes.

-       the Susserus takes a bite out of Seth and drops him some serious STR damage (8 points) then moves up and away from the portal.  It positions itself behind Marq and readies for the attack.

-       Marq casts defensively and casts Purified Mini-jaws and then takes a 5 foot step.  The good thing is that the jaws last for 3 rounds

-       Markass moves invisible and lines up for an attack

-       Falconhand fires arrows but none of them affect the spider

-       Dolerine casts his new crystal spell but does not beat the caster level check

-       I launch three force javelins at the creature and hit twice but the damage hits fully.  In my excitement I failed to move fist so I provoked and AOO from the Susserous.

-       Malark casts Sound Lance and nearly deals 50 points of damage

-       The susserus creature turns into a ghost creature and bites down on MarqÕs hear

o      Marq is hit and suffers damage and 8 points of STR damage but is still up.  It leaves Marq with only 2 points of STR

o      Seth takes the secondary STR damage and drops to the ground

-       Kemee sees the damage that Seth and Marq took and moves over to assist

-       Marq resolves his mini-jaws and deals some serious damage and because the Jaws are force they do full damage

With the mini-jaws and the resolution of the attack the creature dissolves and drops into the ground.  Malark casts Delay poison quickly on Marq to prevent additional damage.  Malark also cast Lessor Restoration on Seth and restores 4 of his STR.  When the creature falls the guardian moves back into the portal without saying a word. 

-       we now have the option to use the backroads to move around.  Falconhand tells us the exits to the backroads are still only actived by either the Fey or the Fey touched.  The portals that he knows about are the The Druids Grove and Harpers Hill.  He is sure that there are several other portals but he only knows of that are nearby.

-       Falconhand also tells us that the Fey have agreed to come to our aid with the Pegasus when we need them.  We can only contact the Fey by either Falconhand or one of the Druids.  If we really need to we can have Dolerine cast his mental spell and speak with Falconhand


After the battle, Falconhand takes off to speak with the Fey but does not know how to speak with the Druids.  The wolves have been attacking the Druids at several locations but he does not know how where the wolves are.  He did say that he would relay a message to the Fey to get assistance with locating the druids.  The plan is to rest and hopefully heal and do the party restore.


At this point we need to rest before hunting the wolves.  The idea is to head to the Fox Ridge and rest for the night.  Not enter the whole complex but just the first room.  As Seth and Marq are moving slower than normal I take point.  I am working about 60 feet in front of the party.  We pass by the Silverhand farm and head to the Fox Ridge.  We skirt the Silverhand farm and donÕt notice anything out of the normal. 


We continue on the the Fox Ridge and the only oddity were tracks going up to the cavern.  The tracks were mostly from a Zenty patrol because the tracks go up to the cavern but donÕt actually go into the cavern.  We move inot the cavern but we make sure not to open the doors.  The cave is a good shelter but we are not planning to head back into the dungeons.


Level 9:  1542 points

Level 10:  1285 points ˆ current points 48,907

Level 11:  942 points


The following morning we all wake up healed and refreshed.  There was a moment where Marq seemed to be affected by something but he recovered and seemed fine.  Malark is able to cast Lesser Restoration and manages to bring both Seth and Marq back to half their normal strength.  He also uses his advancec Heal to heal their STR damage by mundane and nonmagical means.  While we are here we are going to identify items using MarqÕs skill trick. 


For the following day Dolerine is going to send out his ethereal servent to scout the area.  He locates a wolf almost immediately.  It is just sitting in the woods watching us.  It has been walking back and forth in the woods trying to find the best approach.  The major oddity is that the large wolf with silvery fur has a human face.  After Marq takes a few minutes to search his memory he believes it is most likely a Moon Dog.  Moon dogs are normally servents of the good gods.  As this area has been occupied by druids and good wolves for centuries.  These Moon Dogs are extremely intelligent and they are normally good aligned.


The plan after the party is healed is to send Marq and Dolerine.  Dolerine steps to the mouth of the cave and calls into the woods.  Dolerine tells the wolf to step out of the woods.  As the Moon Dog walks out of the wolves and gives his name as Cooteu.  He is a servent of Selune nd was once leader of the pack of wolves.  He tells us that the wolf is not a dire wolf but a Winter Wolf with a vicious cold attack.  He tells us that the Winter Wolf took over his pack about 6 years ago. 


Cooteu tells us the Winter WolfÕs name is Frostbite and they are normally week to fire.  This wolf is not typical as it is much larger than a normal Winter Wolf.  It is about the size of a small elephant.  Cooteu tells us that the wolf now leads the pack and has been attacking the farmers and druids in the area.  The only way to wrest control of the pack is to challenge the Wolf to single combat and defeat him with honor.  If any of us take on Frostbite and the other step in then the wolfes will step in and we may have to kill the rest of the pack.  Cooteu tells us that he has three major attacks that we need to contend wth.  The bite will crush most living things.  The breath weapon has an area affect, and finally the howl inspires fear so if we see him start to howl we need to cover our ears. 


We have a dlema with the wolves.  We can either take on Frostbite and follow wolf protocal of single combat or we can take on the pack and kill as many wolves as possible.  We are almost positive that we can take on Frostbite as a team but that would not inspire the trust and respect of the rest of the pack.  At his time it looks like Malark is the champion to go into combat.  Most likely if our champion fails then the wolves will most likely attack us and try to kill us.  In order to give Malark the best advantages we all contribute things to the cause

-       River:  Ring of Protection +2,  Bracers of DEX +2

-       Kemee:  Bag of Boulders

-       Seth:  Boots of the North,  spell Energy Resistance 10

-       Markass: 

-       Dolerine:  Casts Skate

Cooteu tells us that he will seek out Frostbite and set up the challenge in a nearby grove.  Once there we will be given the option to prepare and buff before the combat:


For the first atatack Frostbite comes out swinging and bites with cold jaws. 

-       Malark make two attacks with his new improved stats and hits with all three attacks

-       Frostbite bites even harder than before by using Power attack then moves back 5 feet

-       Malark flies back and up and casts Flame Strike with half fire and half holy damage

-       Frostbite takes a deep breath and lanuchs is breath weapon up but Malark is able to resist the cold

-       Malark casts Blade Barrier around Frostbite.  Frostbite takes damage but he also makes the REF save and only takes half damage

-       Frostbite howls at Malark but the howl fails.  We are all thank fully out of the range of the howl.

-       Malark launches the Sound Lance and manages to strike with some minor damage

At this point Cooteu tells us that Malark is in danger of violating the rules of combat as he is flying up too high.  He tells us that he can fly but he must be on or close to the ground at the end of combat.  If Malark does not return to the ground he is in danger of forfeit of combat.

-       Malark return to the areana and lands across the blade barrier from Frostbite.  He also heals himself with a cure critical

-       Frostbite bites and takes a serious chunk out of malark but fails to damage from the cold

-       Malark tries a new tactic and hits with three attacks and manages to land all of the attacks for some serious damage.  He is only able to move back a few feet.

-       Frostbite bites again for some serious ponage

-       Malark is severely hurt and staggers back 5 feet.  He is trying to cast a healing spell just to stem the torrent of blood. 

-       Frostbite tries to bite but misses for the first time as his attack bounces off his armor.

-       Malark starts to cast and Frostbite takes the AOA through the Blade Barrier and just takes the damage.  He suffers the blades but still comes

-       Frostbite knows that he is about to end this human and takes his time.  He circles Malark and does the best equivilent of a laugh

-       Malark takes a moment to cast Heal and brings himself bvack to full hitpoints.  He moves to the back of his blade barrier

-       Malark casts his last Flame Strike and deals dmage but Frostbite only a little bit because of the REF slave

-       Frostbite scratches the ground and runs at Malark with the Improved Overrun to try to knock him prone.  Malark is knocked prone. 

-       Malark flies from his prone position into his Blade Barrier and waits for the attck that he knows will come

-       Frostbite tries to drain MalarkÕs cold attack resistance by a small amount

-       Malark leaps out of the barrier and hits for some minor damage

-       Frostbite attacs and misses for only the second time during this battle

-       Malark strikes with three hits but only hits twice for some minor dmage.  Frostbite looks damage but not near death

-       Frostbite moves back 5 feet and readies for another attack.  This gives Malark the option to heal himself.

-       Malark looses another significant chunk of himself to the wolfÕs teeth.  The final bit of damage is what it finally takes to bring the creature down.

As the battle ends the other wolves all surrender to the control of Malark.  He is able to command the wolves and passes the authority of the pack to Cooteu.  As Cooteu takes control of the pack he leads them away.  We have his thanks but we have no way of contacting the wolves.  Cooteu advised that he will work with the other wolves to bring back the Druids.


Level 10:  earned 707 points ˆ  49,714 current


After the battle and after the other wolves leave the battle field we take time to skin Frostbite and tke as much of the fur as possible.  This is a job for most of th party due to the size of the wolf.  As the party is skinning Frostbite marq uses his skill trick to identiry some items.