Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



DM:  Kevin


Marq:  Steven


Malark:  Jonathan

Markass:  Jordan



Dolerine:  Kenneth


Seth:  Randall


River Longshot:  Lewis



GAME 14:  Fodder to the left of me, Fodder to the right of meÉ


Possible alternate:  Croquet is a type of knittingÉ








We start the game with 30 former prisoners in tow.  They are mostly fodder but they are people that we are trying to protect.  The only worthwhile prisoner is a previous guard named Tehir.  He was one of the previous guards from before the Zentyrum took over.  The party is moving in front of the fodder and I am taking up a position in the middle of the fodder group.  We are moving up into the tower as a shock and awe to get into the throne room on the second floor.


The double doors that we enter are for the grant entry hall.  There are no troops but there are torches on the wall.  Markass is moving ahead of us by about 80 feet invisible.  He is scouting and we are going to follow in a few minutes.  We are going on the instructions from the captive guard.  After three rounds we all head into the main hall with the intent of moving into the hall to the throne room. 

-       while we are moving into the hall the previous guard identified the door to the stairs down.

-       Luckly the doors open into the room and the stairway

-       Marq has the idea to tie a rope onto both handles thus keeping both doors shut


The room we enter is a fore court which is where the room enters into an open area.  This is most likely a zentyrm market as ther are stalls and weapons.  The room is open to the second floor and as Markass enters (invisible) he hears the clicking of crossbows from an alcove above.  Markass turns around and tells the rest of the part about the guards as the crossbow bolts rain down.

-       the guards shoot at the square in front of the door and miss Markass again

-       I take time to move to the other two doors and start to tie them together.  It will most likely take two rounds

-       Malark casts Bless and we all get +1 on attack and against fear

-       Kemee leans his great sword and pulls out his short bow.

-       Seth moves into the room and trys to bluff the guards by claiming he is here to just buy stuff

-       Marq walks into the room

-       Dolerine casts skate on Malark

-       The two guards fire at Seth but miss him

-       Malark cast Shield other and now takes half of Seths damage and Seth get benefits

-       Kemee fires an arrow and misses

-       Seth launches arrows and misses due to the cover from the banaster

-       Marq casts Acid Orb and manages to actually hit with this 1st level spell

-       Dolerine walks into the room and after finising his move he realizes she has no idea what he is doing and where he is going.

-       Kemee takes some damage but nothing major

-       Kemee and Seth both launch arrows and make their strikes but death moderate damage

-       Marq casts Many Jaws and sends four teeth at each of the guards

-       I make it in with the group and launch two arrows as many shot but miss

-       The guards run away through a door on the balcony

-       Malark takes times and impressively searches for better items for the fodder

-       Markass opens the doors to the main throne room but it is completely empty.  There are benches and seats for onlookers.  He moves into the room invisible.

-       Kemee stows his bow and recovers his sword

-       I manage to locate about 9 arrows after searching the tables

-       Markass moves to the end of the throne room and encounters some odd angled doors.  He moves through the hall but still does not see anything

-       I move past the fodder and tell them to pick items quickly and hurry up otherwise we are going to leave them

-       Markass opens the oddly angles door that is on the other side of the trone room from the previous guard and the rest of the party.  As he opens the door he sees four guards sitting around a table playing cards.  The guards drop their cards and reach for their swords

-       I move through the room and pass off the sledge to Kemee

-       Markass tries to move silently back out of the card room and makes it 15 feet out

-       Kemee moves to the door and attacks the bronze door as his only attack and nearly knocks the door off its hinges

-       I move to the dais and ready an action and keep an eye on both open doors

-       Evil moves past Markass who does not take his attack of opportunity.  Once they move past Markass he shouts intruders

-       Seth strikes with both swords and misses

-       Marq cases scintillating sphere on the evil and manages to hit all of them but manages to miss Seth.  Markass actually fails his save and takes damage

-       Dolerine manages to trip the first guard

-       I take out the second guy with one shot

-       Malark takes out the tripped guard with his axe hit and splatters him

-       Markass steps into the fight and guts the guy with his sneak attck

-       Malark searches the body and find the following items

o      4 coin pouch

o      8 potion

¤       2 for Seth

¤       2 for River

o      4 quivers (20 arrows each) that goes to river

¤       10 arrows to Seth

¤       60 arrows to River

¤       10 arrows to Previous guard (Tahir)

-       We are leaving the bodies on the floor we move to the stairs with the brass door.  I am lining up to shoot down the hall as the party moves through the door.  We have ordered the fodder to between Marq and Myself at the end.

-       We get to the top of the stairs with the brass door and it opens up onto a landing that is a little more ornate.  Like a green room or more opulent room.

-       I take a few moments to close the brass door and bar the door with my spear so that it wonŐt be opened from the other side

-       We move into the room and Markass opens the door slowly and encounters a gray mist that obscures the room.  Markass moves through the mist and just a few minutes later a great sword comes flying back through the mist and lands in the square outside the mist still in its scabbard. 

-       I hear the other moving and head up the stairs and line up for a shot into the room but I canŐt get there yet.

-       Kemee, Markass, and Malark are through the mist while myself, Seth, Dolerine, the Guard Tehir, and the fodder are all in the opulent room.  As I move through the door I shout at the fodder to stay here, stay down, and donŐt get captured again.

-       After a few seconds we all head into the room and see an equially opulent room with out any other doors.

o      There is an armored man lying on the floor and Markass is sitting on him with a dagger pointing at his eye

o      The man on the floor manages to knock Markass off and tries to roll away

-       Malark strikes at the man trying to get away and manages to damage his

-       Markass strikes with subdual to try to subdue him.  He hits but does not knock him out.

-       Marq finally moves through the door and comes into the room

-       Dolerine casts detect magic and the entire room is glowing.  He even notices that the person is glowing as well as his items.  This is unusual as the person is glowing as a person.  Most likely like he has a spell on him

o      We all notice that his shadow is following him as closely as it should be.  Seth is the one that vocalizes this.

-       Malark tries to grapple the wily old man but he misses

-       I move out of the room and back to the other door in the other room.  I listen but donŐt hear anything at the door

-       The party is wrestleing with the Lord Morgrim and they all notice that he has come to his senses and wonders what is happening.

-       Markass stopps wrestling with Lord Morgrim and looks to Seth for guidance

-       Kemee strikes at Lord Morgrim with the hilt of his sword

-       OUT OF GAME:  DM asks for Seths character sheet and then rolls several dice as he is attacking Markass

-       Seth, without warding, strikes at Markass and Kemee and manages to deal some serious damage.  As Seth is a hunter he gets to do extra damage to the humans

-       Malark strikes at Seth and manages to hit him

-       Kemee turns and strikes Malark with his great sword and misses the second time

-       Seth tries to disarm Kemee but fails all four times

-       Marq takes out a Scroll of Break Enchantment and passes to Malark as the scroll is a divine scroll and he does not want to fail the attempt

-       Dolerine cases and uses his Stone of Negation and manages to suppress ALL OF THE FRICKEN magic in the room.  That means all of our weapons, armor, and items all go mundane.

o      The other effect is that KemeeŐs shadow pulls away from his body like Peter Pan.  The shadow form looks very prim and proper and looks to be dressed like royalty.

-       I am far enough back so that I am out of antimagic effect and fire three arrows but only hit once.

-       The Shadow moves to the corner near me but provokes AOO from the rest of the party. 

o      I manage to hit with my AOO but only deal minor damage

o      Kemee tkes the attack and hits

-       As the shadow moves closer to us it starts to mutter something and cast

o      Marq and Malark is able to determine that the spell is Greater Teleport

-       Marq uses the Collector of Stories and his knowledge check to try to determine what we were fighting

o      He is able to determine that the shadow is a construct that is a little weaker than the creator

o      These shadows are about to act as proxy for their creators and act in their stead

o      This type of creature has strong ties to the plane of shadow where it is significantly more powerful

o      The creature is called a shadow simulacrum


After we are sure that the people are not possessed we go back to question the Lord Morgrim.  The first thing that he tells us is that the Pendant of Ashaba is not the real pendant.  He tells us that the Drow took the real pendant but he does not know where the true pendant is.  Lord Morgrim tells us that his wife has been secretly in the army camp and trying to gather information. 

-       Lord Morgrim tells us that he does want to escape but he does not want to risk his life.

-       Lord Morgrim also wants to get a message to his spouse know that he is safe and away from the tower

-       Lord Morgrim unwilling agrees to come with us so that he does not get possessed again

-       He tells us that there is a secret door in the back of his chamber that can take us outside


Lord Morgrim tells us that there are a few guard nearby but the big thing is a drow emmassary in the nearby bedroom.  The drow is not here to really fight but he is here to negotiate the treaty between the drow and the zentrytm to take back Myth Drannor.  The main reason for talking to the Drow is to either convince them that the Zentyrym are going to betray the Drow or take the Treaty.  Lord Morgrim tells us that the Drow is names ŇLezz the LameÓ as he carries a previous wound that slows him down but not comeptely helpless.

-       Lord Morgram tells us that there is a treaty between the church of Shar, the Drow, and Zynterum to rebuild the Myth Drannor


As I listen at the door I manage to hear Zent troops in armor in the hallway.  I silently make a hand gesture telling some of the fodder that movement is happening and they need to move.  Some of the fodder move into the room.  Enough to get the rest of the party noticing that we are moving. 

-       Lord Morgram tells us that there are more Zents than we can handle on the upper levels and by now they would have alerted the Sky Mages and possibly Scyula Darkhope (commander of the army).

-       Lord Morgram tells us that he has a secret clothing closet that he can give the cloths to the rest of the party and the fodder.  We sent some of he fodder back to get several sets of cloths that will allow them to survive.


The problem that we have now is that we have thirty fodder in tow without winter gear and any weapons.  They can possibly remain in the Underdark but they will need food and items.  The Lord Morgrim tells us that while he was possessed he made packs with the Drow at Fox Ridge, working with the drow to unleash something at Cormanthar that they have summoned, there is a large wolf that has been harassing the Druids, the fey have been attacked and there is discourd among the fey. 

-       one of Lord Morgrims options is that there is a tunnel from the old skull inn that connects to the underdark and we can keep the party fed and safe.  We can access this tunnel from his secret closet and it should be clear

-       The plan is that Lord Morgrim with Markass in tow will lead us out that way if they encounter any resistance we can hopefully move freely.  Lord Morgram believes that the Zentrym does not know about tunnel


It takes several hours but we move freely through the tunnel to the Olde Skull Inn.  As the games ends we are all rested and we have gained experience.

-       previous EXP:  35,878

-       earned:  11,744

-       current EXP:  47,622