Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



DM: Kevin


Marq: Steven


Kemee: Alex

Malark: Jonathan


Seth: Randall

Dolerine: Kenneth


Markass: Jordan


River Longshot: Lewis



GAME 13: The Team Without RiverÉ




We make it back to the tunnel and move closer to the Twisted Tower. We encounter several doors and with stout determination Kemee attacks a secure door with my sledge of opening. The first strike at the door activates a Fear symbol and manages to scatter the party except for Malark and myself. While the others run from the door both Malark and I take on the Beholder and utterly destroy it. Once the Fear effect ends and the Beholder is destroyed the party assembles again. We get to the final door and as we move through we encounter a group of undead and a Banedar. We manage to defeat the Banedar and most of the skeletons. Marq is severely crippled by a Feeblement spell so we retreat through the doors and heal ourselves for a few seconds before the skeletons break open the door.