Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:  absent but played by Steven

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:  late but played by Steven

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kenneth:  Dolerine

Alex:  Kemee

Jonathan:  Malark


Kevin:  DM


Jorden:  Markass


Steven:  Marq

Lewis:  River



GAME 11:  Knock, knockÉYouŐre ScaredÉ




We wake from the battle with the spiders and move through the tunnel.  Our first encounter took us by surprise as a crystal in the rock tore free and attacked us.  The battle was vicious as the creature was a psion killer.  Shortly after this we were set upon by a drow priestiess and several of her guards Marq was struck by a dart and put to sleep.  He managed to cast some serious spells but once he was down.  The battle ended and we managed to pick ourselves up and heal up.




This game starts with us healing up from the last battle.  We took some serious damage and we are all in need of healing.  We manage to heal enough and take time to search the bodies.  The look is extroidinary as we manage to securely and throuroughly search the bodies. 

o      M mithral chain shirt, masterwork

o      hand crossbow

o      rapier

o      4 vials of drow poison

o      m signia token

o      m scroll

o      105 gp total

Most of the items go into the party inventory and once we all heal from a good nightŐs rest.  Marq uses his ability to determine what is magic and then manages to focus on the breastplate.  Just for the time being I take the priestesses dagger and the vials of drow poison.  We now have 6 of the drow tokens, one in my possession and 5 that are unclaimed.  Some of the other hold the tokens but donŐt wear them.  I am wearing my token, Kemee is holding but not wearing, Malark is holding his, Seth is holding but not wearing, Marq is holding but not wearing. 


Once we are ready to move forward we get tot he door and try the key.  As kemee is trying the key he discoveres that it does not work.  Markass moves up and taks 20 to oopen the lock.  When he gets the door open both Kemee and I try to search the changer. 


Kemee opes the door and there is another door just a few feet later without a lock.  It takes Kemee a few tries before he realizes that there is not a keyhole or handle.  Markass moves to the door and trys to search for buttons and triggers.


I move to the door and try to open with my mind.  I focus on the amulet and the glory of Lloth and visualize the door opening.  Unfortunately nothing happens.  I take another attempt and try to pull the door.  Nothing again. 


Kemee takes my sledge and heads to attack the door.  As he strkes the door it explodes and radiates a mass effect to the rest of the party.  Everyone except for Malark and I are affected by fear.  As the other are running away we can see through the open doors and there is a rope and wood bridge.  Makark also screams Beholder.  I only have a few seconds before the whole party runs past me.  My goal is to reach out to trip marq first and hopefully malark can break the enchantment.


When the party finally returns to Malark and I the beholder is destroyed and the bridge is cinders.  The second door has take damage but it is still intact.  The only problem at this point is to get across the chasm.  The thoughts are to jump, dimension door, or for Dolerine to cast a ectoplasmic wall across the chasm.  The wall should last long enough and should hold our weight.


We move forward and the tunnelll transitions from rough stone to highly worked stone.  The tunnel is too clean to determine if anything has moved through this area.  As we approach the end of the tunnel we get to a door that actually takes the key we found.  We opend th edoor and we see the tunnel cut to the left.


Kemee hands the key to Markass and the key works.  Kemee locks the door then ujlocks the door.  This hallway makes me very, very nervoius.  I take time to search the tunnel but donŐt find anything.  We move through the set of doors and we get to the third door.  I am in the last position and donŐt sence anything yet.


As I am moving through the first set of doors I search for oddities and find the following message etched on the door. 


Kemee unlocks the third door and it opens into a T section.  He is leading and takes the move across the hall.  The tunnel to the left is caved in but the right tunnel is open.  Kemee sees a skeleton at the end of the hall that is surrounded by the black power.  As kemee is looking around the corner the skeleton raises his hand and fires three magic missles.

We move through the hallway and backtrack through the door and the hallway.  We take the time to heal the rest of the party with the intention of heading back into the tunnels and deal with the skeletons.  Once we are fully healed we move back into the room and we destroy the skeletons and locate the prisioners that have been taken. 


One of the prisoners is the farmer that we have been using as a base of operation.  He was taken shortly after we left the farm house.  We also manage to discover the Lord Morngrym parents along with roughly 80 other prisoners.  At the end of the skeletal battle we have a decisionto make.  We can either find another way to get to the surface and back to town or we can rescue the hostages and try to take them back to town.  The down side of saving everyone is that we would have to explain to the Zqynterym where all these people came from.