Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:  absent but played by Steven

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:  late but played by Steven

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Johney:  Malark


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine

Alex:  Kemee


Kenneth:  Dolerine

River:  Lewis




GAME 10: 








The party has decided to move on through the cave and move away from the spiders den.  Kemee is our beacon as we move through the underdark.  We are roughly 30 to 40 feet behind the light source.  We move around the corner and we see a crystal set inot the wall.  Seth stops and turns towards the crystal and says, ŅhelloÓ.

The wall shatters and the creature crumbles to dust.  The creature falls and the party takes time to recover.  We searvh the alcove and the crystal shards but I donÕt find anything.  Markass tries to search as well but only finds the mundane crystals.  The party is healed but we can press on into the dungeon. 


Kemee takes the point again with a torch in hand this time.  Greatsword in the sheith.  I am pulling up the anchor with Marq.  There is a moment before we take off that I think I see something in the tunnel behind us but on second sight I donÕt see anything. 


The party moves on and after about thirty minutes we stop to track for other prints.  I am able to see that traffic within the last few days probably a week.  The feet are small like drow.  The mian thing is that there are not spider tracks.


We make it about a quarter mile we reach a part o the tunnel that opens up.  I am not able to hear anything.  Markass is at the back of the party.  Kemee shouts to the rest of the party to ask if we are sneaking into the room but we donÕt know where the rogue is.  Kemee attempts move inot the room but fails miserably.  As he enters the cavern he hears whispering.  As he hears the voices we are engulfed in darkness.

We are all hurting and we are all in need of some major healing.  The game ends before the party searches the death drow.