Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass:  absent but played by Steven

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar:  late but played by Steven

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Alex:  Kemee


Steven:  Mark

Johney:  Malark


Jorden:  Markass

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Randal:  Seth


River:  Lewis




GAME 9: 








We take time to cast raise dead on Dolerine and heal the rest of the party.  We manage to make the determination on what the other items were that we recovered from the previous Drow guard post.  I make it a point to take the drow dagger with a spider design.


Markass is in the lead with his headlamp.  He is invisible and we are following him and his light.  In the course of a few minutes we move 600 feet.  Markass stops at the end of the tunnel and we stop the line.  Markass signals us to move up to the end of the tunnel.  As we exit the tunnel we enter a kidney shaped room.  On the left there is still pool of water.  There is also a stone slab with dark stains that are probably blood.


Kemee picks up a pebble and throws it into the water.  We all enter the room.  The party moves to the alter and I take time to circle the room counter clockwise to get to the other tunnel.  I try to listen and donÕt hear anything.  I take time to move around the room and search as I move.  I am not able to locat anything during my second time around. 


(Drow Altar) Markass trys to search the first part of the cavern that I just walked past.  He is able to locate a secrect compartment about chest height.  It is locked and he tries to open it.  Markass makes a point to try to be sneaky and not let the other party know what he is doing.  As he attempts to pick the lock he is not able to determine if there is a lock mechanism but the compartment will not open.  He can tell that the compartment is about 3 feet wide and two feet tall. 


Kemee take the sledge hammer and tries to break through the compartment.  He is doing substantial damage to the compartment.  Seth and I move to the entrance to the exit tunnel.  We are prepairing for the attack that we know will happen.  He manages to break open the compartment and fails the reflex save.  He only take a minor sonic damage.

Kemee reaches in and pulls out the sword.  As he draws the sword from the sheath if glows a faint silvery light like a candle.  There are runes on the blade but kemee is not able to read the markings.  Raphelmarq is able to read the elven on the blade. 

Dolerine trys to use his psionic powers to determine if the blade is magical.  There is a mental component and he has to focus more than normal on the blade.

As kemee takes the blade the others take time to search the compartment.  Marq is able to locate a spellbook.  Marq is leary of opening the book until he knows more about it.  He even specifically states that he will not open the book and gives it to River to hold in her haversack.


We are about the exit the room with there is an argument to explore the water before we leave.  Dolerine is going to create a contruct.  He instructs the contruct to come here.  Once the contruct is close enough he puts his glowing orb in its hole. 


We decide to leave the passage through the exit tunnel.  The wind is less here and the tunnel branches aobut 10 down.  To the right the tunnel deadends.  Marq searches the dead end but does not find anything.  The tunnels start to branch of in other directions.  Both myself and Seth search the tunnels and manage to determine critter and bi-pedal movement.  Because of this survival the rangers are taking the lead and Markass is in the rear guard.  After a few minutes we enter a larget tunnel that opens into a large cavern. 


The plan is the cast Light on one of my arrows and fire into the cavern.  We see the cavern that opens up.  There is a larget crevace.  There is a platform in the middl eof the room that looks like it might have been a room at one time but a cave in brought down part of the wall.  There is a large bear type character that looks to have had white fur that has been tarred black.  There is also a larget spider at the end of the other end of the room.

(Drow F6) We are able to identify the spiders very easy but the larger creature is a little different.  I manage to fill the last of the empty vials with poison from the Large Hunting spider.  Once we solve the problem of getting across the crevice, we let Kemee and Markass jump across.


As we start to explore the rooms we see that the cavern have been here for hundreds of years but the crevact is new and looks like damage from natural disasters like earth quakes.  There are two ways to travel and another cavein.  I am using my survival and tracking and and manage to deterine the best way to travel.  I am getting better at following the spider tracks.


We decide to take a full rest in the room with the spiders.  There is a part of the room that is better defensible and with me only needing to sleep two hours.  Malark casts a healing spell that manages to heal the party.  The plan is the rest before moving on the next sections.


In the morning after the party rests Marq usse his skill to determine what the moon blade powers are.  He is able to focus on the weapon and determines its properties.  After determining what the weapon does he decided NOT to tell kemee what it does.  He determines that for the time being Kemee can use the sword but when it comes time to redistribute wealth the sword it very expensive.

We all manage to jump the ravine except marq.  Marq missed the wall and would have falledn if not for the fast hands of Malark.  Marq climbs up and we heard down the tunnel.  We are moveing past the other crevace.  Both Seth and I am able to use chalk and the map to make it through the labrynth.  Takes us a few hours to get through but we make it.  We spend another night resting and traveling.  As the morning approaches we take the time to let Marq do his trick on a heavy steel sheirld that we found earlier.  It turns out that it is a +2 shield.


As we move through the tunnels we discovera a tunnel that is covered by a bolder and not rubble.  A very crude way of hiding a door.  We are supposed to move in this directionbut there is a boulder in the way.  It takes Kemee and Malark to move the bolder.  Once they move the bolder we smell rot and trash.  It looks like the bolder holds an alcove.  There is a large number of pelts in the center of the room.