Steven:             Marq:

Jorden;            Markass

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM




Kenneth:  Dolerine

Steven:  Mark:


Randal:  Seth

Jorden:  Markass


Alex:  Kemee



Johney:  Malark


River:  Lewis




GAME 8:  Friendly FireÉ




The main part of last game was to reenter the Lair of the Lich and take the rest of them down.  We strike a lethal blow to the Lich but we were not able to locate the phylactery.  We make it back out of the temple and back to the farm house.  The main decision to be made at this time is to either strike at the Twisted Tower or back to Castle Krag.




This game opens as we are sitting comfortable at the farm house.  We have gone through the party inventory looking for anything that can help us.  We found a map when we first encountered in the Bell room.  It is a very detailed map that takes us to several different places and hundreds of tunnels.  We think that we need to go back to town and at least stock up on normal mundane items.  The goal is to then leave the items that we donŐt need at the farm and travel to town then come back to the Fox Ridge and travel underground.


Twisted Tower


Castle Krag




We make it back to town and donŐt have any trouble.  We run our inventory and take the night to rest.  We take the time to move quickly but safely through the tunnels and move back through the tunnels.  My late morning we take our path back into the underdark leading to the twisted tower.  We are moving roughly 100 feet behind Markass and trying to leave him silent followers.


Markass is moving silently while invisible.  He comes into an opening and hears a chittering or a skittering.  Something is moving in the cavern roughly 40 to 50 feet diameter with a hole in the ceiling roughly 20 high and it has not changed its sounding or is moving.  He uses his chalk to write ŇSomethingŐs up aheadÓ.   As markass approaches the opening the noise stops.  As he enters the cavern arch he is able to see four spiders handing from the ceiling.


The rest of us see MarkassŐs light go out then come back on.  We do not hear the sounds of battle.  We can see that a large shape is in front of Markass.  Marq is able to see using his darkvision so he moves to attack.  These spiders are large and take up 10 foot squares.  The rest of the party is roughly 80 feet away from the combat.


After the combat is over and Kemee is trying to extracate himself form under the bladed spider.  He manages to do that and only take a little more damage.  Once Markass burns some of his healing spells Kemee is able to walk away fully healed.


I take the opportunity to search the tunnel on the other side of the cavern.  I move down the tunnel roughly 100 feet but donŐt find anything important.  When I return to the cavern the group has gathered under the tunnel and there is a light ascenting up the tunnel.  Dolerine has created one of his constructs and augmented it with a super bright torch.  Dolerine instruct the contruct to take the rope and fly to the top or the tunnel.  There is another level roughtly 15 feet above the ceiling and then the ceiling tunnel goes higher.  Dolerine instructs his construct to tie off the grapple hook.  For this Dolerine is the first to win the Trophy of Awesomeness +1.


Markass is the first one to attempt the rope.  He manages to make it up the rope and into the chamber above.  This chamber is like a landing with an offset tunnel.  This chamber is littered with bones and other minor items.  There is nothing really useful and it has a picked over feel to this chamber.  Some of the bones look battle damaged and some look like fall damage.


Seth climbs second and I take the third spot.  I make it up the rope with a little flare.  We take roughly an hour to bring the others up.  For Kemee and Malark we use two ropes.  Once we are on the ledge, Dolerine does he same construct trick and sends his construct.  The construct flies and stops when the rope is roughly 10 feet above our heads.  That means that the tunnel is roughly 150 feet tall.  The tunnel is 15 feet diameter so we are not able to brace against the walls of the tunnel but we can use the wall to use our feet on.


Markass is able to get the next level and sees at roughly 60 feet he reaches a rope bridge that spans the hole we are climbing over.  There is a tunnel that leads off in both directions.  One side of the tunnel turns after a few feet while the other side narrows to roughly 3 feet.  He thinks that he hears something but is not quite sure.  After a few minutes of decision he moves towards the smaller opening and sideways moves through the tunnel.  The tunnel narrows then widens open.


Seth takes it second then River follows.  I manage to make it all the way up take time to listen to the rest of the time.  While the other are moving through the narrow passage she tries to hear around the bend.  I donŐt hear anything.  Whild waiting for Marq to climb it becomes apparent that he si not able to even move up 10 feet.  After a few attemps I take the time to pull up Marq.  It takes a few minutes to get up but he climbs and then takes time to move through the small tunnel. 


Kemee tried to climb the rope and the tunnel without help the first time.  He manages to climbs up but falls at 10 feet.  He takes a slight amount of damage.  During the second attempt he manages to make it up to the ledge and climbs over to thr eside that River is on.  We all manage to get up and Raven, Dolerine, Malark, and Kemee are on the tunnel side and Marq, Markass, and Seth are on the narrow tunnel side.


When we all gather in the room we learn about th chanmber.  It turns out that the next tunnel leads into a large cavern.  There is a blackness in the center of the lake.  We are planning to enter the cavern and the room with the darkness.  While coming back through the tunnel Dolerine manages to get stuck.  Her only escape is to Dimension door into the cavern.  Once there Dolerine grabs Malark and Kemee and makes it back into the black cavern.  When they bamps into the room they are knee deep in the water. 


Once they enter the room they hear a loud roar form the darkness.  As they materilize they are only 5 feet from the darkness.  They are forced to roll a will save to avoid fear.  Dolerine is the only one shaken.  Kemee and malark are not affected by this.  They see this long neck, like a dragon, come through the darkness.  It is gray with shadows forming and moving around the body.  The eyes are black with small red pin points


Dolerine manages to create a construct that is able to pull the dragon out of the wwater.  Once the dragon is on the shore he instructs his contructs to start to pummel the head and neck.  After thunderfists is finished destroying all the evidence I am able to determine that this is an undead dragon and its ability damage is from something nectomantic.  Similar to a vampire ability.  Marq is able to determine that this type of dragon is a Fang dragon that was shadowslain.


Both Marq and Malark are not able to dispel the darkness today but we might be able to do it tomorrow.  Malark is able to heal the other for hitpoints but he is not able to restore the damage. 


Based on the map there is a tunnel that should be at the other end of the darkness globe.  Dolerine summons his contruct and gets out rope from above.  This whole process only takes several minturs but we get the rope. 


We move across the darkness to get to the exit tunnel.  It moves roughly 30 feet ahead and then turns to the right.  Markass is moving ahead and then we all reach the cavern to the tunnels beyond.  When Markass reaches the end of the tunnel he is invisible and told to bow in the presence of Lloth.  We move up to the bend in the tunnel and I take time to try to listen but canŐt tell anything.  We move to the edge of the darkness as Markass has put out his light.


After the battle is over I tke the time with Seth to recover the body of Dolerine.  As part of my responsibilities to Nephyrus I take control of the body and try to prepair as best as I can.  The rest of the party searches the bodies and I make sure that Dolerine is taken care of before Johney can cast Raise Dead.  Once Malark casts Raise Death and brings Dolerine back to one hit point and his remaining power points.  He is currently at 8th level.