Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Markass

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Steven:  Mark:


Johney:  Malark Salizar

Jorden:  Markass


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Alex:  Kemee


River:  Lewis




GAME 7:  I Prefer the Taste of Tang








After staying at the farm house for three days we manage to identify several of our items.  We take the time to move back to the cavern.  We take the few hours to make sure that we move back down to the temple and the double doors with the Shar. 


We take the time to open a scroll tube from before.  The document inside seems to be a map of the area.  As we discover tha this tunned to the right of the stairs leads back toward town and comes under the Tower of asheba.  It appears that ther eis a tunnedl map and shows several Drow positions.  The merchant from befor is most liklye a resupply to the drow camping out.


Down at the temple of the doors and bells.  Kemee Is ready with his sword and his pebble.  I move back to the back of the room and next to the pilar.  I am not able to hear anything in the room and there is a curtain that has been closed.

-       Malark casts bless and gets the rest of the party for a +1 att/dam and +1 to fear

-       I move to the other doors and try to listen but donŐt hear anything

-       Kemee has changed the pebble with all three charges and is ready to throw

-       Malark cuts the curtain back and the room is now open

-       Mark moves to the point and cast some major magic at the demon

-       I hear the scuffle and move in tot he hall and fire two undead arrows at the death creature at the end of the room but unfortunately I miss

-       Kemee throws the pebble and misses with his one shot per night

-       Malark casts dismissal to try to dismiss the demon

-       Seth moves to the undead and attacks with two swords and hits

-       Mark casts an area spell and manages to get both the demon and the undead in the same blast redius

-       I take the move and fire one arrow and disarm the demon.  He still has his claw attacks but he is at least withouth his weapon

-       The undead launches two dark bolts at Seth nd three at Mark.  Mark is hit by two of the bolts and takes some minor damage.  The bolts also Daze mark.

-       The demon strikes Kemee but he only takes a few bleeding damage points

-       Kemee strikes and deals some minor damage

-       Make throws one of this Stars of Armadore and manages to deth some damage.  He also launches his ranged toruch attack and amanges to death some Light of Mystra damage

-       Dolerine tries to cast a spell at the ceiling with the intent of hitting the top of the demon but he managed to misjudge the distance and fails.  Dolerine sends out some major damage but Malark and Markass each take minor damage.  Kemee fails the reflex save and takes full damage.

-       The demon starts to cast a spell so everyone around it gets an AOA.  The damage is enough to drop the demon and destroy it.  The good thing with my previous disarm is that when he teleports out he leaves his greataxe.

-       We take the following items from the undead

o      Scroll

o      Broach

o      Cloak (non)

o      Steel sheild

o      Mace

o      2 chakrams (non)

o      breatplate

o      silver necklace with pear

o      symbol of shar on chain

o      44 pp

o      86 gp

-       We only get the folling items from the demon

o      Greataxe


After the battle we all take time to gather the items we discovered.  We search the alters and find the following itmes.  We all search the rooms and neither Seth nor I find anything on the altar.  Kemee is searching the walls and manages to miss everything important.  Dolering take the time to search the alter in the middle of the and find the middle alter is completely magical.

-       the only problem with the alter is that the scrip is not readable.

-       We are not able to read with read magic


As we are searching the room we find that there is a curtain on the far wall.  Seth moves in to the corner of the room and locates another room behind the curtain.  There are two wardrobes in opposite corners.  In addition to the robes we find a secret door.

-       wardrobe 1 & 2

o      black ceremonal robes with vestaments

o      I make it a point to take one of the worst robes


Markass tries to take on the locked door in the main chamber and fails.  Markass is not able to open the door so he heads back to the room. 


In the room with the wardrobe he opens the door and moves in to the passage.  I follow after taking a robe and move into the tunnel.  There is a bright light in this room.  The light is green and coming from a lantern.  There are tapestries and carpets.  There are several pieces of furniture, beds, and chairs.

-       Markass tries to pick the lock on the desk and fails miserably

o      He manages to flip the desk over and pry the drawer open with a crowbar

o      There are several bottles of ink and quils and veleum

o      Small leather pouch

¤       130 sp

¤       260 gp

¤       25 pp

o      There was a parchment in the bottom of the bag

-       Markass is able to

o      I would like to take these robes as they are more ornate and have a symbol of shar

-       There is a box in the bottom of the armoire

o      Pendent with large ruby

o      Emerald earrings

o      Music box

-       Markass puts the items in the middle of the floor and as he attempts to start the music box I shout at him to not play.

-       Markass is not able to locate anything at the bed or under the bed.


We also locate a door and discover that it leads under the main hall.  Going under the main corridor and we reach the end of the hall and a locked door.  The door leads into the kitchen where Kemee is searching for his magical spear.


We spend several hours in this dungeon and manage to take most of the valuable items.   The end of the adventure is with us desecrating the alter and then destroying the altar.  For Mark he is not able to allow this to stay here.  The decision we are left with is to move through the underdark and back to town then the keep.  After trying with the constructs we are able to destroy the altar with 5 constructs.  The final decision is to move back to the farm then return back down here to move through the tunnel.