Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Bee Stinger

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Steven:  Mark:


Johney:  Malark Salizar

Jorden:  Markus


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Alex:  Kemee


River:  Lewis




GAME 5:  "Seth...The Beholder Slayer..."




 After a few restful days under the shining rule of the Zyntarum we head back to Fox Ridge and we discover that the Weave is in serious trouble and none of our magical items are working and our wizard is useless as a powerhouse.  We have a new party member that has apparently been following us for the last few days.  Most likely a plan form Weirgun the trader but he has been accepted to no worries.  We make it to the other staircase and across to the other side of the Grinding Gulf.  We encounter a gray woman named Irphiina of Shade who proceeded to wipe the floor with us before she strolls out of the room.




Seconds after the shadows lady teleports away we gather at the only closed door in the room.  None of us are able to hear anything at the door.  Markus does not find any traps but he is able to determine that it is not locked.  Kemee grips his newly acquired heavy flail and rocks back and forth on his feet ready to open the door.  Mark takes a step back into the room and behind the column.  The door is stone and opens slowly and we see a spherecical creature with several stalks and a rotting eye in the middle.


Kemee braces himself agains the walls and starts to stem climb up the wall.  There are several points where he does not make any movement but finally gets up the wall.  Marcus watches Kemee climb and takes the wall like a rogue should.  He makes it up the wall and out of the hole in a few minutes.


Both Grayson and River listen at the door but I don’t hear anything.  Marcus tries to search for traps and does not find anything.  The door is also unlocked and opens away from us.  Marcus steps back and draws his two elven thin blades. 


This entire room is lit with bright illumination.  The room depicts a serpent motife with dark black wolves.  The ceiling is 25 feet high at our entrance and the two stairways that lead up the a set of double doors.  In the center of the second set of stairs.


I send Grayson to search the room and she hits on something at the top of the stairs.  She locates something against the walls.  There are four creature that step through the walls as Grayson gets close.  One of the creatures that comes through the wall are green skulls with flames around them.   There are four green skulls and two black skeletons that wield long swords.


Malark uses one of his last Selune’s kiss to cast Positive Energy Aura to heal the rest of the party.  The most healing that he can du with the spells available.  Most of the party is healed and back to a good spot.  Grayson and I listen at the door but we can’t hear anything.  I am not able to test for traps but I wait for the others. 


I take a few minutes to check out the gong.  It appears to be very, very old and made of brass.  I am taking great care not to touch it or make any contact to it.  There are spots where it is corroded.  There are symbols but nothing religious.  Most likely it is something arcane. 


Kemee braves one of the shadow potions and it manages to be a healing potion of cure moderate.  No side effects.   General consensus is that the potions work with no effect.


Marcus checks for traps but does not find anything. 


As marcus opens the door and the room is completely pitch black.  The torh light filters in and the room is empty.  At this moment we realize that we forgot to check the previous room to search where the skeletons and skulls came from.  After searching we see that there are illusory walls behind the curtains.  A space to hide.


We all move into the small room and listen at the outer door.  The outer door opens inward.  Both Grayson and I listen at the door and hear something.  I hear a sound that is loud even through the stone door so it must be really loud on the other side.  The sound is like a flag flapping in the wind or a towel slapping.  The sound is rhythmic but not metronomic.  Something like a flag in a strong constant wind.  There is also a thin shaft of light that is coming through the door.


The plan is to let kemee open the door and I stand behind kemee ready to shoot over his shoulder.  As the door slowly opens I see a large cavern.  The floor is smooth.  The cavern is very well lit by one of the green everburing torch.  One of the first things that I see is an octogon pit cut into the floor.  There are 9 creatures in the cages that are moanig and chanting while shadow wraths around him.  There is a center ball of shadow that reaches out with shadow.  The shadow lady stands in front of the ball.  One of the creaturs in the cages is a familiar Halfling.


Mark stands behind both Kemee and myself and readies his magic attack.  He plans to use his Selune’s kiss to cast some killer spell.


After the shadow lady drops Seth steps over and cuts her head off.  As he cuts her head off Seth sees a shard of black crystal around her neck.  The party remembers that the dragon they killed had a similar shadow shard. 


As the party is busy searching the body we are all talking about how to destroy the shard.  The problem is that we don’t know how much damage the crystal will do the the striker.  We are thinking that the best option is to attach the shard to the sledge and then drop the sledge so that it strikes the ground.  That way no one is near the initial blast.  The only problem is that I have not really trained Grayson for this type of attack.


As we are talking about destroying this shard Seth’s eyes glow silver and he says, “yes I will”.  Silver fire flies out of Seth and battle briefly with the ball of shadow.  In the end the silver overcomes the shadow and as it dispels the magic of the weave returns.  All of our spells and magic return.  That includes our items and our equiptment.