Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Marcus

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kenneth:  Dolerine

Randal:  Seth

Alex:  Kemee


Kevin:  DM




Johney:  Malark


River:  Lewis

Steven:  Mark

Jordan:  Marcus the Scared



GAME 4:  "If You Don't Pay a Good Price Up Front For a Halfling You're Going to Pay on the Backend..."




 We manage to bite off more than we can chew with this battle.  We encountered a demon, a shadow caster female, and several undead.  We lost Beestinger in the process of escaping and we could not even retrieve his body.  Once we made it back to town we managed to arrange a meeting with some possible supporters for a revolution.  I am not really convinced about the man Weirgun who is acting as facilitator.  He is a trader in town that has managed to keep his business going by selling to both sides in this conflict.  We secure a possible farm house from a man named Helmark Hillsfar that we might be able to use as a safe point.




Day 5:


We decide to stay in town another day to try to find a rogue or some other type of lock picker.  Our first failed attempt was at the blacksmith.  The next option is to go to Weirden.  The only rule is NO HALFLINGS. 


At Weirdens place of business


After the meeting with Weirden I return to the inn and check the boards for any possible leads on a rogue.  Something covert or hidden.  I am so take a stoll around the town hoping that someone will have followed us back.  At the noon time we are all back at the inn and we have no leads on a possible party member.


The night passees without incident.


Day 6:


We are planning to head out to Fox Ridge and the cave and the grinding gourge.  The party animals are still boarded at the stable and they have a 10 day left.  There is still snow on the ground but not as bad as the othger day.  It takes about a half a day to get to the cave.


As we approach the entrance to the cave I track to see if anyone has been herer since I left.  I am not able to see if anyone have moved through.  We appear to be alone.  As we are about to enter the cave Mark tries to cast Mage Armor and it fails.  I pull an arrow and when I knock the arrow and draw the string it does NOT energise.  Kemee pulls his sword but it does not ignite. 


I take the time to move back down the trail roughly 400 feet away from the party.  Trying to map the range of the antimagic field.  When I get roughly 400 feet I am still not able to energize my bow.  I try to call a lightning bolt from my Gauntlet but nothing happens.  I make it a point not to tell the party this.  That sledge hammer that I purchased is looking better and better now.  I whisper under my breath, Ňpraise the ZyntyrumÓ.  It is looking like our weapons are magically inert and most likely the other weapons are not working.  After closer examination we discover that none of our magic items are working.


Both Grayson and myself listen at the door but we donŐt hear anything.  Kemee is getting ready to kick in the door.  I am third and ready to shot.  As they start to enter the room I send Grayson in to map the room by ecolocation.  As grayson enters the room she locates hidden people in the alcoves.


As we are working through the bodies we try to use a potion and realize that they fail.  None of our potions of cure are working.  I manage to search the two bodies nearest to me and find two vials.  I am not able to identify the potions so I hand them over to Mark.


I also take one of the heavy flails as a bashing weapon.  I try to swing it and can feel that it is still magical and crackles with energy.  I am not sure what type of bonus or magic is still functioning but magic is better than nothing.  We donŐt know what the bonus is.  I take one of the flails and manage to bolt the door


Kemee opens the door and takes a peak down the hallway.  He does not see anything and then closed the door.  Kemee is going to trade out his armor for one of the shadowslain armor.  Kemee wants to leave his armor and then come back for it.


As we start to leave the main first room Grayson hears something at the door.  I signal the other covertly and manage to move back into the room.  I send Grayson to the tunnel and knock an arrow and point at the hole.  A man comes out of the hole and stands there in a cloak and mask.  He identifies himself as Marcus the Scarred


We decide to take Marcus with us but with a leary eye.  Marcus says that he has been watching us from the beginning.  He also tells us that the Zynterium are also watching us. 


We take time and move through the pit trap and the hall.  We enter the 20x40 room with the 10x10 hole in the ceiling with the double door.  When we enter this room the door is closed.  We go through the room with the helmed horrors and move through the pit.  Our goal is to get to the grinding gulf.


When we get to the gulf.  There are other foot prints and it looks like possibly a woman.  Most likely the two that we encountered before.  Our best bet is to move down the stairs and move across to the other doors.


With Marcus in tow we move in short bursts.  We manage to move through cavern to the bell door.  The doors are closed and the inappropriately positioned lizards have been moved.  As we move past the door we come to another door on the other side of the hall.  There is a symbol on the door of three circles.  The other know this symbol Alokair.  This symbol is by the from door.  The symbol is from a wizard king that lives roughly 800 years ago.  I try to channel my goodlyness and try to open the door. 


The stairs are similar to the one of the other side.  They are a little smaller and more crampt but they are easy and unoccupied.  It take over half an hour to get to the top.  We come up to the top of the stairs that open into a hall way.  We exit inot a 10 foot hallway.  When we get to the end of the hallway both Grayson and I try to listen and down hear anything


As the door breaks open the room opens up to a 30 x 35 foot room.  Several green torches light the room.  There is a double door on the side.  Ten lifesize status of males and females.  They have sad expressions on their faces.  Blue, black and burgundy walls are starting to fall apart.  Kemee and Malark enter the room and start to examine the statues.  None of us are able to identify the statues or the faces. 


We find that we are on the other side of the grinding gulf.  We are able to open the door and pull it off the hinges.  I listen at the other door and donŐt hear anything.  The door appears to be untrapped and it is unlocked.  The door opens into the other room and Malark opens the door.  I position myself ready to shoot into the room.


The room was once beautiful and lavishly decorated.  There is a desk in the middle of the room and beds in the corner.  There is an everburnign candleabra.  There are several beds. 


We all run intothe room and Kemee shouts attack. 


It takes about