Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Bee Stinger

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Steven:  Mark:


Johney:  Malark Salizar

Jorden:  Bee Stinger


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Alex:  Kemee


River:  Lewis



GAME 3:  "Turtled for the Whole Combat...Most Ineffective Cleric Ever..."








The first action is that I launch a flaming arrow toward the end of the room in order to get an idea as to room size.


I move back into the old hall where Grayson is guarding the prisoner.  I donÕt plan to be ambushed or caught from behind by that zealot.  She is still out so I take out my dagger and perform a coup de grace


In the main hall the four clawed demon (4c) tears off the door and bring the cleric (dc) and the dark woman (dw).  I can year the sounds of combat and hear Kemee take the first massive hit nearly dropping him to half.  Malark also takes some massive damage and is seriously needing healing.


Mark casts web at thte doorway to slow them down.  That works a little bit but both the dc and the dw are still able to cast.  Mark them steps into the fold and casts Orb of Force that is purified and it also smiteing with it.  The sound of the blash rocks the entire complex and he manages to deal some manage damage. 


Dolerine construct is trapped in the web and is only able to slam the 4c.  He manages to deal a small amount of damage but not enough to distract the 4c from the major hitters. 


The 4c calls upon some internal ability and brings three creatures into the room.  They appear to be all mirror images of the main 4c.  Mark knows that these are images from a Mirror Image spell and he is not affected by their damage.  I have to decide to enter the fray with the larger 4c and the images or run through the secret doors in the kitchen and take on the casters from behind.  Each of the mirror images is a complete copy of the actions of the true 4c.


When we get to the main doors to the dungeon we can hear the wind howling at 30 to 50 miles per hour.  The snow is at the doors and roughly three feet.  We are  most likely not able to make it back to town in this storm.  We are going to have to wait until the storm fails off. 




The sun rises as the storm diminishes.  And we pack up the camp and what we have left of our pride.  We are heading to the village of Shadowdale.  The trip is normally 4 hours but with the 2 1/2 feet deep snow the trip takes more like 8 hours.  We make it back to town at sunset.  We make it back to the Inn just as dinner is being served.


When we get back to the For those of us that are 9th level they gain 3407 experience.  For those at 8th level they gain 4442 experience.  For those of us that are currently 7th level will gain 5300 experience.


As we are warming ourselves by the fire a person approaches us.  He buys us a round and tells us that Weirgun the trader would like to meet us in his shop tomorrow.  We were tracking a ranger but the snow failed us.  After delivering the message he leaves.




The snow is still falling but the storm has passed.  The first item of the day is to visit the trader Weirgun at his shop.  We leave after breakfast.  The trader shop is more of a general store.  Not many weapons or armor.  Most of the really valuable items have been taken by the Zintirum.  The store does not look well off but Weirgun is dressed lavishly with a soul patch and long sideburns.


The time if the gathering approaches and we all cross the river.  We are all scroutinzed and neighter myself or grayson notice anything unusual.  Seth and myself arrive first and Grayson takes up position in the trees