Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Bee Stinger

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Steven:  Mark:


Johney:  Malark Salizar

Jorden:  Bee Stinger


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Alex:  Kemee


River:  Lewis



GAME 2:  "Why is Her Head Missing?...I Can Fix That..."




We make it to the bottom of the grinding gourge and encounter a little Drow greeting party.  After taking out several of the bad guys we are waiting for a cloud kill spell to disapate so we can take care of the remaining two flunkies.  They don’t appear to be mjch of a threat but we would like to at least question them.




The party has waited until the cloud has dissipated.  Beestinger turns invisible and moves deeper into the facility through a door on the left of the room.  His first turn takes him to a door that he is not able to open.  He manages to make it to a waterfall and several sealed barrels.  Most likely for transport and storage of water.  The idea to poison the water supply is throuwn around.  After the water room he reaches a heavy wooden door and hears the sound of movement and working behind the door.  At this point he returns to us and tells what he encountered.


We all managed to run into the first room past the tiny shootng hole and no one is shot at.  Once inside the column room.  After several attempts to pick the locks and bash through the door.  Finally Kemee just kicks at the desk twice and manages to break through.  It is fair to say at this point that anyone and everyone in this place knows that we are here now.


The door opens onto a room with a table and benches in the middle.  We can see three bunks with at least two people in the bunks.  Standing in the shadows are two female characters each wielding a mace and a shield.  They both appear to have the look of a zealot and they aren’t backing down.  Kemee should out, “I see you”

-       I run into the room and launch three arrows at the closest female F1

-       As we are running into the room F2 is casting from a scroll

-       I am the am the only one that is affected by Unholy Blight which hurts me for 7 hp and sickens me

-       Kemee is affected by hold person

-       As a reprise I launch three more frost arrows at F1 and hit the target twice

-       Kemee is able to make his roll an unhold

-       F2 reaches out with her mace and touches kemee and casts a spell

-       I take another hit of the unholy blight and waste three shots before moving out of the effect

-       F2 reaches out and touches Dolerine’s construct and inflicts damage to his construct

-       Malark tries to pin and manages to pin and block her speech

-       Seth and Malark are grappeling F1 and are trying to hold her down

-       I am suffering from the unholy blight and launch three mundane arrows at the grapple and manage to miss everyone

-       Dolerins construct is getting hurt and he takes the time to make a body adjustment

-       F2 reaches out and touches the construct again and deals some massive damage for 13 hp

-       Now that the unholy blight has ended I take movement and move across the room and get in position to attack F2

-       Malark and Seth manage to pin and put manacles on F1

-       Beestinger goes into the other room and enters a kitches with a large butchers block and knives.  The sounds that he is hearing are coming from another section of the kitchen. 

o      He encounters a hallway and while invisile and watches the people move around the kitchen

-       I can’t get a good shot at either F1 or F2 so I move behind the others to get a shot

-       Malark and seth manage to gag the F1

-       Beestinger tries to make a move around the corner and does not move as stealthy as he would like

o      He sees three kitchen workers just moving around

o      Fat woman FW, thin man butcher TM, 

o      Beestinger tells then while invisible, “how much do they pay you because I will pay more”

o      He then throws a gold piece at the thin man and tags him in the head

o      The unfortunate thing is that this causes the invisibility to drop

-       Dolerine’s construct is hit with the heavy mace and only deals minor damage

-       F1 is trying to spit out her gag

-       Tired of staying in the wings I rush forward and with point blank shot I fire three arrows and land two directly in the face

-       Kemee tries to hit while F1 is grappled and manages to hit

-       Beestinger asks again how much they earn

o      The TM says that is is service to Shar

o      Beestinger pulls out his two shorts swords and step toward the TM

o      He manages to hit with all four shots and slaughters the TM

-       Malark tries to do subdual damage to knock her out

-       I try to rock another three arrows into her face and miss twice

-       Kemee, Seth, and Malark are all trying to knock out F1 with subdual damage and manage to do some damage

-       Beestinger is not about to face off with the other two and tells them to, “run”

o      He moves over the fallen gold coin and steps toward the other two

o      Before they can run away he tells them to, “talk or die”

-       Dolerine moves around the corner to back up beestinger from the two kitchen people

o      The fat cook FC moves to the wall and presses a button and a door opens

o      The FW also moves to a wall and presses a button and escapes through a secret door of her own

-       F2 finally manages to strike me and I go down with a –1 hitpoint

o      I don’t stabilize this round but Malark is movng toward me

-       Seth punches F1 with lethal damage to take her down and knock her out

o      He only hits once but she is still alive

-       Kemee comes at the shackled F2 and shouts “FOUR” as he swings at her with a great sword for a massive 44 points of damage and manages to hack her head off

-       Seth does say that “speak with dead” is easier than knockout

-       I didn’t hit her that hard, she must have a self distruct button

-       Seth says, “shhh…don’t tell the cleric her head came off”  then walks over to the head and sets it near the body

-       The F1 is still grappled and can’t break the grapple as Malark

-       River stabilizes and crawls from combat then stands up

-       Beestinger is moving around the kitches and keeping an eye on the hidden doors

o      He tries to search for the secret button and cant find the button

-       I call the bat to come inside the room and stand in the intersecting halls and cover all three

-       Beestinger tries again and manages to find the secret button

o      He opens the door and comes to a brick wall witout an exit

o      He is still invisible but can’t find the other secret door

-       Malark and Seth are still trying to knock her out

-       Beestinger finds the secret button for the next secret door

o      He reaches into his Bag of Tricks and flings a bat into the room then backs into the tunnel

o      As he exits the secret door he races past Dolerine without saying a work

-       Dolerine only steps back a few feet as Beestinger runs back but does not run with him

-       Malark and Seth finally manage to knock the F1 out

-       Beestinger runs back into the room and tells us that we need to rest

-       Malark notices that F2 is missing a head as he carries F1 off unconscious


As the team regroups into the room with the cots we all decide that we are going to rest.  Dolerine is still in the kitchen waiting for something to happen.  Beestinger comes back and insists that we all need to rest without giving any reason.  Malark asks the gods to please make Beestinger tell us what he knows. 

-       we search the room with the bunks and we find the following

o      chest

§       only cloths and personal items

§       no other items

o      strong box


-       F1 unconscious

o      Scroll

o      Light crossbow

o      Heavy mace m

o      Heavy steel shield

o      12 bolts

o      35 gp

-       F2 headless

o      Light crossbow

o      Heavy mace m

o      Heavy steel shield

o      15 bolts

o      35 gp

-       Demon 1

o      Trident m

-       Demon 2

o      Trident m

-       Manoutside

o      Potion

o      Scroll

o      Scroll

o      Breast Plate m

o      Large Shield m

o      Long Sword m

o      Black cloak m

o      Composite longbow

o      20 arrows

o      22 pp, 85 gold

-       he finally manages to blubber out that it is something undead

-       while talking we are mostly sure that his aversion is fear based and not attitude based

-       he is adamant that we should go to the cistern and is fairly certain that the big bad can’t get into the room

-       Beestinger is going to search the room for hidden doors but does not find any doors

-       Seth, Dolarine, at Kemee are going to prepare the room for resting


We take a few minutes to move the bunks and the barrels into the cistern.  We try to block the doors and the all points of entry.  This takes a few minutes.  Malark takes time to rock the Touch of Healing feat and brings us back to at least half. 

-       the intent is to sleep for 8 hours and Malark will be able to remove curse once he rests


Beestinger is finally able to speak about all that we saw.  Black pillars with gold in a large hall.  One of the kitchen guards was talking to another man that looked like he was dead for a long time.  The dead man was most likely a prest or cleric.  His armor seemed to absorb the shadow around him.  There was also a bull or minotaur that was walking around the room.  Beestinger is almost positive that the bull was not able to fit through the smaller halls.

-       Kemee and river first watch

o      Grayson manages to perk up on something but nothing specific

o      I am not able to hear anything

-       Seth and Beestinger for second watch

o      Beestinger also manages to hear something and takes a trip into the hall

o      One of the barricades has been moved and the door is free to open

o      He tells Seth and they both check out the other barricade and it is in place

o      Right before the shift ends Beestinger searches for more secret doors and does not find any

-       Dolerine and River for third watch

o      Grayson stays at the missing barricade but nothing more happens


Day 2


Durng the night I take damage from the mummy rot and unconscious from loss of charisma.  My charisma drops to zero and I am out.  

-       Malark casts Remove Disease to remove the mummy rot from River.  Malark runs a few more lesser restoration spells and brings my constitution back to the -1

-       Malark also cast Remove Curse on Kemee as well as lesser restoration to remove the cloud kill damage

-       Malark removes Deafness from Mark


After we are all healed and back to almost normal the cleric female F1 wakes up and starts to speak a prayer.  Kemee reacts and hits her in the face and knocks her out again.  After calming down kemee and moving him to the side we come together again and we decide to wake her up again and try to question her.


We prepair for a spell and a prayer and Malark tags her with another healing spell to bring her back to consciousness.  The general consensus is to try to question first then tortue her.  Mark takes a turn at the

-       crowbar:  used to break out several teeth

-       cistern:  Kemee dunks her in the water several times and tries to

-       breaks hand:  kemee puts her hands on the edge of the cistern and Beestinger breaks her handler with sledge hammer.  As she is screaming she screams out a name tht the others seem to recongnise but I have never heard of.  Kemee hits her again and she is unconscious.  Mark actually pulls out a letter and reads it to the party.  Kemee manages to punch her again just to make sure.

Turns out that this letter identifies this cleric as a major player with the other Shar priests.  The group is planning to potentially use her as leverage with the other.


After the scream, I hear movement in the other room.  I leave Grayson at the door and run back to the group and tell the others that I hear movement.  The party readies for action and Beestinger turns invisible.  I confirm that the large outer doors are closed even though we did not close them ourselves.  The discussion is for Dolarine to dimension door with Mark and then Mark can recall us to a specific point.


Even through we know that the enemy is grouping outside the door into the first changer with the bunks.  The goal is to rest another day and fully gain all of our behavior.  We rebarracade the doors and move the entire party into this room.

-       both beestinger and myself search the unfinished hall for another secret door that leads back out into the main cavern with the bell.  The door opens into the hallway.

-       There are two men in Black Plat Armor with gray skin with shadows moving around them.  They are carrying large spiked flails that spark as they move.

-       Beestinger shouts, “You shall not pass” and closes the door.  He steps away from the door and it opens in a few seconds.


After the secret door opens.

-       Beestinger is retreating as the SD1 is coming into the hall.  SD1 manages to run into Beestinger and gets an attack with his flail

-       I send Grayson to the ceiling and I move into the section with the peephole

-       Beestinger strikes at SD1 and manages to do little damage

-       SD1 swings twice and drops Beestinger to a –7 HP

-       Mark’s plan is to bottleneck the people and cast web on them

-       Seth attemts to disarm the SD1 and fails the attempt but does not loose his weapon in the failure

-       Mark casts web but both SD1 and SD2 are not affected

-       Malark is stuck and damage

-       I take a hold on my action and once SD1 moves around the corner I launch three arrows and strike with all three

-       Mark casts Regroup to summon the party but most of them do not accept the recall

-       Kemee rushes into combat and drops SD1

-       Malark doubletaps the SD2 but failed to hit with all attacks

-       Seth rocks the whip and trips SD2

-       W2 stands up and deals some major damage to Malark

-       Dolarine moves the construnt through the web but still manages to hit the SD2

-       Kemee strickes but does nothing except look cool while swinging the sword

-       The SD2 falls

One interesting thing about these two warriors is that they are not bleeding.  As we examine them we realize that they are undead.  Mark takes times and knowledge to determine what they are but all he and Malark can determine is that they are from the shadow gate.  Living creatures that pass through the shadow gate.  If they survive they become shadow touched and become shadow undead.

-       W1

o      Heavy flail m

o      Full Plate

o      2 chakram

o      potion

-       W2

o      Heavy flail m

o      Full Plate

o      2 chakram

o      potion


While the party searches the bodies I move out to the other entrance and listen for other creatues.  My goal is to prevent us from being ambushed.  Seth takes times to go through the secret door and finds another door around he corner.  He is able to see that the SD’s went around the corner to the bell door and another doon in the cavern.


I take time to listen at the door and the moment that I hear movement I alert the others.  Kemee comes over and once he is at the door I move deeper into the cistern to listen at that door.  As I position myself at the cistern door the door opens in front of kemee.  There are two more of the shadow dead at the door.

-       both of the SD attack Kemee with their chakrams

-       Beestinger is invisible and is holding his action until an opportunity presents itself

-       Malark is able to turn the SD3 and SD4

-       I move forward and keep an eye on the room.

-       As SD3 and SD4 turn and run through the arc SD5 and SD6 come into the room

-       SD5 and SD6 throw their chakrams at mary

-       We are able to see through the arch but can’t see all the way into the room

-       I launch an undead bane arrow at SD6 and confirm the undead status

-       Both SD5 and SD6 strike at Kemee and deal some massive damage

-       Dolarine cast skate on both himself and Malark

-       I attempt to disarm but fail the attempt and drop the weapon

-       SD3 and SD4 are still running and are now out of sight as they run into the darkness.  SD5 and SD6 are turned by Malark and run into the temple.

-       Kemee runs away

-       Dolarine grants Kemee with skate

-       I try to launch arrows at the fleeing SD5 and SD6 but miss with all of the arrows

-       Unfortunately we are not able to close or lock the doors as they are stone and no locks


When the game ends all of the SD have fled into the temple.  Grayson is watching over the cuffed cleric in the previous bunk room.  Malark, Kemee, and Dolorine have skate effect on.