Steven:             Mark:

Jorden;            Bee Stinger

Kenneth;          Dolerine

Johney:            Malark Salizar

Randal:            Seth

Alex:                Kemee

Lewis;              River



Kevin:  DM


Steven:  Mark:


Johney:  Malark Salizar

Jorden:  Bee Stinger


Randal:  Seth

Kenneth:  Dolerine


Alex:  Kemee


River:  Lewis



GAME 1:  "Damn baby...You got ugly real fast"


Day 1:0900

There is 9 inches of snow and the temp is very cold.  After the night of drinking and celebrating the death of a previous party member the team sets out for cave.  After a few hours we reach the mouth of the cave.


Enter the cave


Moving through the cave Malark tries to cast Bull Strength but it fails


At the next door we donŐt hear anything but no traps.


Room of Helmed Horrors.  We get to a door and hear the sound of crashing boulder on the otherside of the door.  DonŐt even need to make a listen check.


Dolerine finally manages to disbelieve the illusion but Mark is still taking the damage until he finally realizes that the damage not real


Bee Stinger, while infisible, is still looting the pile of armor and metal.  He manages to only find a heavy shield that he is still too week to carry around with him.  He can carry it but he canŐt wield it. 


We make it to a landing and a chasm that is about 45 feet accros.  There are dozens of rocks floating and movngin like molecules.  This is the place where the previous character died.  Looking into the chasm we can see lights in the bottom of the chasm.  Roughly 200 feet to the floor of the chasm.


We walk around a higher tunnel and reach a wall where foot prints enter and exit. 


At the bottom of the stairs, Beesting puts the sunrod into his haversack and sees the green glow of everburning torches.  At the bottom we find a large cavern.


Seth moves around the corner and is seen by the drow and the magedrow. 


Dolorine repositions the bodies of the Pack Lizards inappropriately before the rest of the party starts the search. 


As the other party members loot the dead and search the critters I take grayson go back to the right of the stair exit .   I send grayson down the tunnel for roughly.  I also make it to the first turn and listen for my bat to return


While the others search the bodies and try to wake up the cleric I take a chance to look at the dark door at the end of the hall.  The door is a double door in black with two columns as support.  There is a small bell with a bell hammer.  No instructions and no posted markers.


Day 1:1430


The consensus is to wait for the cleric to regain from sleep and then he will be able to heal the rest of the party.  I take it upon my self to use my Wand of cure light.  Dolerine gives several of his potions to the rest of the party. 


Beesting give to the party fund the following.


Day 1:1800


Malack wakes up from the drow sleep dart and manages to heal the remaining party members.  General consensus is that we should go through the doors rather than move left or right


The doors are a type of shiny rock.  There is a womanŐs face split down the middle of the door.  The doors are solid and I canŐt hear anything on the other side of the door




After we try to pry open the doors we search the walls and notice a small arrow slit.  Kemee runs up and rings the bell while the rest of the part is talking.  After a minute the door shutters and we can hear locks opening behind the door.  The old woman side of the door pops open away from us.


Malark and Kemee are the first in the room and sees a 6 limbd insectoid creature with red eyes.  Each is holding a trident in their claws.  As they come into focus they insectoids start to cast something that affects Malark and Kemee.  A gas cloud decends on the group inside the door and they start to suffer from a CON damage.


We all gather under the arrow slit and wait for the cloudkill spell to disapate.  The entire time for cloud kill should be about 10 minutes.  Gryason is above the slit and waiting with up.  We seriously overpower the remaingn two clerics.  We will start the next adventure inside the room where the cloud kill was.